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This commercial for Kellogg’s was the first international TV commercial that we made for a world famous brand, so we can safely say that it was a huge breakthrough for Progressive Productions. First, the Australian JWT, advertising agency, made an animatic that defined and pictured how every little detail should look from frame to frame, but they didn’t know what kind of locations Budapest had to offer. It was an exciting challenge to find locations that matched the animatic perfectly. Naturally Progressive Productions found the perfect locations, for example the historical Hadik Café and the gorgeous garden of the Gödöllő Castle. We dressed these places up, and as a result, the animatic came to life. The locations looked so similar that it wouldn’t be possible to tell which came first - the animatic or the locations.

Budapest offered locations that perfectly fit the images in the storyboards for this Kellogg’s commercial, like the historic Hadik Café above

Sunshine and shadows were also important aspects of the script, so we tried to work with natural shadows as much as it was possible, but we didn’t leave anything to chance. We rented a huge 100K soft sun lamp (that is usually used to light hills) from Germany, just to create the perfect summer look for the shoot.

We rented a 100k soft sun lamp from Germany to provide the proper “sunshine” required for the scene

We even covered 100 square meters of ground with blooming flowers which had to be checked beforehand to see if they could be found in Australia, since Hungary had to double for that country.

We planted flowers that were checked for accuracy, due to the fact that it was an Australian commercial and the flowers had to match to the climate

We even had a dress made for the main talent, who was Hungarian, that matched the flowers that surrounded her. As you can see this project required a great deal of preproduction and especially attention to all the little and not so little details. In the end it was a very rewarding and fun shoot.


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