Baroque Palace with Ornate Rooms and Halls

The baroque Festetics palace, located in the town of Keszthely, was completed in the 1880s after a 135 year construction period due to many revisions in which they tripled the building plans. As one of Hungary’s most significant aristocrat families, the counts of the Festetics family were progressive, wealthy landowners who also founded several hospitals and schools. This stunning, grandiose palace, which they chose as the center of their lordship, consists of 101 rooms and has its own theatre and congressional centre. It has a vast English style garden around it. The family’s most significant figure, György Festetics, had a library wing added to the palace where he began to hold the so called Helikon festivities, which entertained the country’s most famous writers and poets, earning the palace the nickname ‘Little Weimar’. The Festetics’ even entertained Edward, Prince of Wales several times. Up to this day its great book collection is still located in the palace, which makes it Europe’s largest remaining aristocratic library. The palace is surrounded by a gorgeous, French and English style, 42 hectare, naturalistic park.

Because of many revisions, the construction of the palace took 135 years
There is a private library with a unique collection of very old books stored on beautiful oak shelves
The Festetics family were progressive, wealthy landowners who founded several hospitals and schools
This stunning palace consists of 101 rooms, and has its own theatre and congressional centre
Festetics Palace

Many scenes from the award-winning miniseries John Adams were shot here.

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