Top Filming Locations in Austria

Austria’s Nuclear Power Plant

Unique, Unused 70s Labyrinth of Endless High Tech Industrial Spaces

This astonishingly unique location, near to Vienna, is a real nuclear power plant built in the 1970s, but was never used, enabling it to be accessible for productions. It is an authentic reminder of the age of the enthusiastic boom of nuclear power during the Cold war. Yet in because of a last minute referendum, only a 1,5% majority stopped Austria having nuclear energy and using this plant. To this day it is Austria’s only standing Nuclear Power Plant, open to film and photography shoots, making it probably the only film set on the world that costed 1 billion euros to build. An amazing labyrinth of 1000 rooms, some with control panels and decades old technology giving it an atmospheric industrial feel. The building also has a huge tower, enormous reactor and safety vessels, with huge circular iron doors, where today one can walk freely, but would be highly radioactive and top security if it would be in function. These features makes it a perfect backdrop even for a sci-fi, not to mention a period film set in the Cold War, since the exterior and interior are so typically of its 70s era, with its characteristic designs and colours.

Built from 1 billion euros, this nuclear power plant was never used
The interior design and colours bring back the atmosphere of the past
Made in the 1970s, this control room takes you back to the Cold War era
Left pretty much untouched since they were planning to use it, making it an ideal film set
The power plant is open to productions and has been already used in many films
If the power plant would work, these extraordinary spaces would highly radioactive

The plant is open to productions and has been used as the main location for the 2013 French-Austrian drama called Grand Central starring Tahar Rahim and Léa Seydoux, in which the main characters are workers in the power plant. It has also been used by Antonin Pevny, when he directed a music video for Moby’s song “After”. Today next to many film and photography productions, they even use the space for prestigious events, dining people among the reactors.

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