The Unique Urban Area by the Danube in Vienna

The Danube Canal is a strip of the river that was cut off and regulated in the 16th century, bordering the East side of Vienna, it has a long strip of waterside urban area running next to it. This place has many charms since the inhabitants of Vienna go there to peacefully spend their free time in various ways, the bankside for example has pathways made of concrete that are suitable for practising a range of sports. Lately, an infrastructure of cafés, bars and even floating swimming pools have developed here on the river and its banks. It is also a retreat for artists, sculptors and graffiti artists since it is legal to spray paint on the concrete walls of the bankside, offering a kilometres long canvas for creatives. Sculptors also work along the bank chiselling marble or three-dimensional mosaics creating a perfect artistic backdrop for shoots. Next to all the street art, there is to see, the canal also provides a unique viewpoint onto the city’s riverside buildings. The majestic historic architecture reminds all of Vienna’s rich past, while the contemporary designs portray the dynamic development of the future with its innovative designs. The canal’s diversity is enhanced by the 15 road bridges and 5 train bridges it has arching over it, which were also built in various periods in history. The Donaukanal is an important urban hub in the everyday lives of the Viennese people - it is even the venue of a music festival held at the canal every year in the beginning of the summer.

The banksides offer an enormous and legal canvas for street artists
The Donaukanal runs around the Eastern border of the center of Vienna
There are 20 bridges in total that cross over the canal!
A vast range of architectural styles can be location here
There are many quirky constructs along the river that are gems for an innovative shoot
Along the Donaukanal there buildings designed in a huge range of architectural styles

The historic Zollamt bridge on the canal is the first place where the two strangers (and lovers to be) visit in Vienna in the much-loved movie 1995 called Before Sunrise. The US television series Covert Affairs shot a key scene here in their Viennese episode in 2015. Piper Perabo organises a secret meeting with an illegal arms dealer under one of Donaulkanal’s bridges.

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