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Generally, music videos can be placed into two categories. While some focus on visuals and choreography, others tell a story following a narrative. The music videos for Favorite and Dazzling, songs of POW's debut album, were shot in Hungary by Liminal Production in collaboration with us, creating a unique mix of these two archetypes of music videos.

While the stories of the two music videos are strongly intertwined, the atmospheres and messages of the two differ completely. This gave us an exciting challenge to find multifaceted locations. Moreover, a unique trait of K-Pop is that nearly all aspects of the singers’ lives get documented. This is why it was important to choose locations that were complex enough for shooting two music videos and constant social media content creation as well.

During our search, we considered locations in the whole of Hungary so that we could find places that fit the creative concept perfectly and that are ideal for production as well. Our in-house location department and our constantly updated location database made this process a lot easier.

Among the nearly dozen shooting locations, this field was one of the most visually stunning

The characteristics and locations of the places chosen for the shoot in the end reflect the scope of our location department’s work. We filmed at Hungary’s largest lake (2 hours’ drive from Budapest), in a field that is part of a natural reserve (1 hour away from the capital by car), in addition to some iconic and some less known locations in Budapest.

We know how shooting in less-known, far corners of the world can have many challenges. This is why we did everything we could to make the environment of the production more homely for our clients. Next to basic things, such as providing interpreters, Korean meals and snacks, we also paid attention to ensuring that the Hungarian crew is aware of how they can overcome the cultural barriers in their own departments. We also made a special effort to adapt ourselves to the structure and work culture of the Korean crew, regarding both the scheduling of the shooting days and synchronizing working hours between the two crews.

It was great to take part in a K-Pop shoot again and to work with such a brilliant team as Liminal Production!


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