’Future Stars’ - TV Commercial


“Thanks for all your help it was great meeting you and hopefully we will see you soon, I think we were very lucky with the weather, and had a great result.”
Andrew Morris - Executive Producer, Luscious International (Australia)

Monmilk, a popular Chinese dairy manufacturer brand, worked together with Luscious International and Progressive Productions in the making of this charming milk commercial. We were extremely excited to take part in this project as we could collaborate again with our old client Luscious International, its producers Tim Berriman and Andrew Morris, and their director Tina Bull, who had already been here before to shoot a commercial for Kellogg’s All-Bran with us. This is the best possible feedback we could ever receive: a client returning to Budapest and choosing Progressive Productions again. 

Budapest’s locations are so stunning that Luscious International returned to once again collaborate with Progressive on a commercial, this time for Monmilk

The concept of the TVC was to shoot it in a stunning European city, showing its gems and beauties, and Budapest was the first to pop into their minds. It makes us really proud how nicely the film shows the capital’s most attractive locations, like Heroes’ Square, the Parliament and our gorgeous State Opera House with its 2-ton chandelier.

The commercial really showcases Budapest’s most attractive locations, like the State Opera House pictured above

During the shoot we had to be able to imitate the imaginary animated figure’s movements, which was only added to the footage later in post-production. We put the camera on a crane with a remote head and this enabled the director to make these awesome wavering camera movements following the imaginary kite. 

Organizing the shooting on a stadium’s field was not a piece of cake as its grass is heavily protected, and there are also many scheduled matches and events taking place, but naturally we solved every issue and locked down the stadium for the shoot.  Besides these locations and production services, we also provided the talent for the film. Moreover, the football players featured in the commercial were actually members of the stadium’s professional team.

It was snowing so heavily that it covered the whole football field, but we could still predict which day it would get better, as always, and we had perfect sunny weather on the shoot days without a drop of snow. Weather is a factor that can be handled if you have the right local knowledge, and of course Progressive does. This was a very successful and fun shoot, and we really hope that we will have the chance to work together with Luscious for a third time and create something great again.


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