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Progressive Productions helped making these key art photos of the Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody for History Channel’s Houdini mini-series.

History Channel’s Houdini miniseries press photo

They were shot in one of Budapest’s biggest soundstage complexes, the Korda Studio, where the mini series was also filmed.

It was a great experience to work with such a highly-acclaimed actor and the fantastic photographer Nels Israelson, who has created so many exquisite film posters, and who is one of the best key art photographers.

History Channel’s Houdini miniseries press photos

These photos may appear to be unabridged images but we shot most of the items and details separately in the studio.

The elements in the photos were captured separately in the Korda Studio and then pieced together in post

Israelson composed and pieced together the final images using these separate elements. The final photos have many effects on them, but they are all based on real elements. We had done many commercial and still photos before, but never key art photos, so it was very exciting to see how the whole process works, and how these photos are put together from certain elements.

Houdini poster near the Wrigley building in Chicago

It was very rewarding to know that these photos we helped to create were the ones that eventually came to life on the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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