Mountains, Serpentine Roads, Lakes and a Glacier

The Kaunertal Valley is characterized by the perfect harmony of nature and human infrastructure. This is partially due to the area being the private property of a company, whose interest it is to ensure the authenticity and the all-year-round availability of both the landscape and the road that going through it. The 29 kilometres long panorama road passes through all the various features of the valley, such as the 6 kilometres long Gepatsch-Stausee Lake located at the bottom of the valley and a glacier which is covered in snow even during the summer and is close to the nearly 3000 meters tall peak. But not only does the road’s starting and endpoint have natural wonders, since the majority of the 29 hairpin bends provide new hiking trails leading to more remote parts of the mountain, lakes or typical Alpine wooden cabins. If one would like to view all of this from above, then there is a ski lift to use that connects the mountain’s base to its peak in the summer for hikers and in the winter for skiers. Winter is the valley’s high season when the snow falls and all the 12 ski tracks open on the mountainside.

The Kaunertaler panorama road stretches alongside the whole of the 6 kilometres long Gepatsch-Stausee Lake
The extraordinary bends have served as locations for the commercials of global car brands
These mountain sides become lush and green during the summer, but accommodate winter sports in the cold months of the year
Nature is always in arm’s reach in the entire valley
Alongside the 29 kilometres long panorama road countless lakes can be found of various sizes
This view even inspired the creators of James Bond
These snowy peaks do not even melt during the summer
Kaunertal Valley Street View

A good number of productions have visited this road and the nature surrounding it. The most famous is unquestionably James Bond: Spectre starring Daniel Craig, which featured the road’s view of the lake. Other productions have also been shot here such as XXX with Vin Diesel and Café Royal’s commercial called The Agent on the Rocks with Robbie Williams. Various car brands are also recurring visitors of the unique winding road, since Mercedes and Porsche has used these roads multiple times for their latest models’ commercials.

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