Top Filming Locations in Hungary

Abandoned Soviet Barracks

Enormous Military Residential Complex

In the previous century Hungary was occupied by Soviet military forces for decades. This astonishing location is reminder of this, since it is a vast complex built for the large amount of soviet soldiers. These barracks were built in the period’s characteristic architectural style of minimalism combined with functionalism, all made from concrete. They were stationed here on this 36 hectare area in the heart of Hungary, far from any city. Most importantly there are huge soviet apartment blocks built to house the soldiers, where many had to share rooms. To understand the scale, altogether there were more than 360 flats here. Next to halls of residence, better quality flats were built for officers and their family, for whom later on more apartment blocks were added with a café, nursery and school for the officers’ families. Their aim was to create a miniature city, where the occupants would never have to leave since they had everything, which is why although this was a military site, it even had its own theatre, culture center, cinema, gymnasium, restaurant and bar, of which ruins survive today. It was defended by three layers of barbed wire and gunmen, which was no wonder since it even had its own temporary atomic missile container to secure. Until 1991, this territory counted as part of the Soviet Union, but then due to the political change, the soldiers left the country and this place has never been inhabited since. As it is so isolated, without a city nearby, there is no appeal for it to renovated, therefore these buildings have been standing and rotting away for decades. So they are in a ruined state, disintegrating and becoming a truly atmospheric ghost town, perfect for productions, which is why it is guarded even today by a private company.

Constructed from concrete and iron and designed in the era's typical minimalist functionalist style
Soviet soldiers lived here until the political change in 1991
Officers lived here with their families, so they built a nursery and a school
This abandoned complex has been used mainly just for film production in the last three decades
This town-like barrack even had its own theatre

Many large film productions have been shot here, the first one being Shot Through the Heart in 1998, and since then others such as the Hollywood feature film Die Hard 5 with the legendary Bruce Willis, as well as the 2011 movie In the Land of Blood and Honey directed by Angelina Jolie. Some of these productions were set in times of war and have left fake ruins and bullet holes behind themselves in some areas. This utopic place has also been used as the main filming location of the horror movie Chernobyl Diaries. All the eerie scenes with ghosts or zombies on balconies and in housing blocks were shot around this complex.

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