Grand Cobblestone Square in the Heart of Budapest

Szent István Square (Basilica Square) is named after its most famous landmark the St. Stephen’s Basilica. It is one of the most notable Roman Catholic churches in Hungary. The neo-renaissance building is the second tallest building in Budapest and it is named after Hungary’s first Christian king, Saint Stephen, whose 1000 years old remains are buried under the Basilica. The square's cobbled floor guarantees it a true European feel, as well as its idyllic terraced cafés and countless bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and hotels. During the winter season there often is a christmas market organised on this spot. The contrast of a modern, socialism-era office block built in 1974, next to Bazilika, makes Szent István Square a unique and unusual exterior space.

Szent István Square is named after its most famous landmark: the St. Stephen’s Basilica
Progressive Productions shot scenes here for an episode of the NBC drama series Royal Pains
The 1000 year old remains of Hungary’s first Christian king are buried under the Basilica
Cobblestone and beautiful stone mosaic cover the square’s floor
Basilica Square

Filmmakers usually choose this square because of its unique atmosphere, for instance, scenes from the movie Bel Ami with Robert Pattinson were shot here. Progressive Productions also shot an episode of the NBC drama series, Royal Pains, and a TV commercial for Zerinol Gola here. We also helped produce an editorial photo shoot for Now magazine at this historical location.

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