Top Filming Locations in Hungary

Inota’s Culture House

Beautiful Retro Soviet Era Building

Inota’s Culture House is one of Hungary’s historic gems, a typical Soviet Era culture house, which provided culture, education and entertainment for the workers of the large power station nearby. Built in the 1950s, this building is a unique example of this era and has high artistic values, because it was designed by the period’s top architects and decorated with the frescoes and mosaics of the best Hungarian artists of that time. Although social realist architecture all around the world is being eroded by time, this culture house can offer a labyrinth of completely authentic retro exterior and interior design! The building has its own reading room, large hall, café, restaurant and enormous parking lot to cater for the visitors of its theatre hall, which actually has one of the best acoustics in Central Europe! Naturally, the town’s community did not let this significant retro culture house decay, so it was made a national heritage site. 70 years after it was built, it is still functioning today as a retro cinema and event center.

The mosaics were made by successful artists, creating an authentic atmosphere of Socialist Realism
This auditorium is a gem of 1950s architecture and is perfect for a sophisticated, retro shoot
These large rooms convey the more sophisticated and cultured side of the Soviet Era
The reading room has a more personal, but also affluent atmosphere
Original and authentic objects and decor details can be found all around the building

It is located only 70 kilometers away from Budapest, enabling easy and fast access for Hungarians and internationals alike. Many large, cutting edge productions have been shot here. The latest feature film was the Hollywood spy story Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence. The heroine portrayed by the world famous American actress took part in a top secret fierce spy training here. Furthermore, a music video was filmed here for song love4eva (feat. Grimes) by the much loved Korean girl band LOONA/yyxy, for which Progressive Productions provided production, location and casting services.

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