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The print campaign of Prada’s SS19 collection was built around their campaign short films. These were based on memorable scenes of the 20th century’s classic films, that then became reborn in the exclusive clothing brand’s unparalleled style, thereby developing into being completely independent short films. The films and the campaign photos accompanying them were all shot in Budapest.

Each of the 5 films we shot is centred around a chosen Prada bag model (Sidonie, Odette, Belle, Sybille, Margit) and the models wearing them. The film was shot in minimalist sets typical of Prada campaigns, while the photos were taken in front of completely white backgrounds. It was not a secret goal for these to function as the posters of these films, which is why the white backgrounds aim to highlight the representation of the film characters by models. Next to the personalised makeup and hair, the subtle theatrical representation of the models’ emotions was also key.

The casting of the models was defined by internationality, which is why the Egypt-born Anok Yai, the Chinese Liu Wen, the American Gigi Hadid, the Danish Freja Beha Erichsen and the German Maike Inga became the main faces of the campaign. This was the first time that Gigi Hadid was featured in a Prada campaign. The short film starring the bag was recorded in Budapest’s disused airport terminal. The dual grandiose and minimalist nature of the location was able to provide the film with a truly special atmosphere. The photographs perfectly convey the character that Gigi Hadid acts in the film.

In the social part of the campaign, the photos and the film become one with the use of various visual effects. The photograph turns into moving image, then returns back into being a photograph again, thereby creating a genuine connection between these two artistic and technical forms.

Progressive Productions supplied all the services, location and crew in Budapest that was needed to shoot the 5 short films. Click here to view the other films, which can be viewed among our other moving image references.

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