The Austrian Alps as Film & Photo Shoot Destination

Located in the Austrian Alps, Tyrol, Salzburg and Vorarlberg are realms of magnificent mountains with over 200 snowy peaks stretching above 3000 m. The area’s scenic beauty is only one of the reasons by it is a top location for shooting. Featuring over 7,200 kilometres of ski slopes and five glaciers with snow all year round, the Austrian Alps is home to some of the top ski resorts in the world, such as Sölden, Kitzbühel or the Arlberg region, which are well experienced with action filming on their slopes. Austria’s unrivalled infrastructure even at the most remote spots providing easy and quick to access almost any spot in the country. Production facilities and special equipment can be swiftly utilized, as well as many experienced English speaking local crew members, that can also be sourced efficiently from large production hubs like Vienna and Munich. With regional film commissions dedicated to supporting film productions, Austria is a truly film-friendly country. The world-class conditions, great infrastructure and the basic closeness of different locations take away all hard factors that would normally come with shooting in mountains, making the Austrian Alps so popular among filmmakers and photographers.

Austria is home to two ski resorts with glaciers that provide snow all year round
Safe access to most locations in ensured by highly developed tourism
All services and experienced professionals are available for sports-related shoots
Almost any corner of the Austrian Alps is within maximum two hours drive from its three international airports
The dramatic nature of the Austrian Alps is truly one-of-a-kind

Probably the most famous movie that was shot in the Austrian Alps is the 2016 blockbuster, James Bond: Spectre but the Alpine world of Austria has been location to many other movies as well. To name a few, Help, the popular movie starring The Beatles was filmed in Obertauern, Salzburg while Eddie the Eagle featuring Hugh Jackman and the 2012 sci-fi Snowpiercer with Tilda Swinton were shot in Seefeld and on the Hintertux glacier in Tyrol. In 2019, Progressive provided production and location services for Google’s commercial for their Emergency Location Service application, for which drones and two helicopters were used to reenact a paraglider’s emergency rescue by the Schneeberg mountain.

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