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“Thank you all in the team for such a flawless shoot! The shots look great! We’re very happy here at Boden! Thank you!”
Dee Flaherty, Boden Shoot Producer (UK)

We produced this catalog shoot for UK brand, Boden and to its 2016 Spring/Summer collection, Kimono. The shoot took place in Budapest. It was a great honor for us to work for a prestigious fashion brand like Boden, and work closely together with the fantastic UK team, not to mention the photographer Julia Kennedy, and the art director Lindsey Jordan, who both could grab the atmosphere of Budapest and combine it with the collection’s essence.

Unique atmosphere of Budapest captured in the Nyugati Train Station

Pre production and location scouting were truly challenging, since it was a 6-day shoot and we shot in several different locations. And, as usually, we suggested and scouted many more options than we actually used.

The rough schedule, before all was set

The main challenge was to find locations and areas in them with the right color patterns and styles to fit the collection’s main direction. We loved this challenge, as this is an example of why it is great that we have an in-house location department, and a very extensive location library, with a special keyword system. This is why we can give quick, and proper answers to complicated location briefs.

Location and outfit match at train station

For example, we shot in the two main train stations of Budapest. We also shot on several important streets, and in the stairway of the century old underground. In addition we shot in an extra special, boutique hotel called the Brody House, which has a very unique interior design, and a local atmosphere with an international touch.

The photos look great in every display

When a fashion shoot happens in our hometown, Budapest, it is always fantastic to see which face of the city from our presentations is preferred by the photographer or the art director. Time to time we realize that Budapest is a very colorful city with many different faces, so it is a truly attractive destination for fashion shoots.

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