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Shooting Action Sport in Austria

Ideal Locations, Experienced Talents and Immaculate Infrastructure

Let us give you an insight into all the sports practiced in Austria making it an ideal destination for film productions featuring such activities. This is a truly extraordinary country thanks to its striking geographical conditions, making it an unquestionable haven for a whole range of sports and extreme sports.

Austrians have a strong connection with their surroundings, actively venturing into their Alpine environment. This is why Austria is home to a large community of professional sportsmen and extreme sportsmen, as well as many manually developed sport parks next to wild nature, enabling to practise sport in safer conditions. Professionals are accustomed to being filmed, making them perfect talents for productions.

The Alpine scenery is simply beautiful and offers a perfect setting for shooting in nature and in uniquely clear air. In contrast to many other countries in recent years, the quality of the typically good air of Austria has actually improved considerably and emissions of most air pollutants have decreased which makes exerting air sports and filming there even more attractive.

Let us give you an insight into all the sports practiced in Austria making it an ideal destination for film productions featuring such activities. This is a truly extraordinary country thanks to its striking geographical conditions, making it an unquestionable haven for a whole range of sports and extreme sports.

Austrians have a strong connection with their surroundings, actively venturing into their Alpine environment. This is why Austria is home to a large community of professional sportsmen and extreme sportsmen, as well as many manually developed sport parks next to wild nature, enabling to practise sport in safer conditions. Professionals are accustomed to being filmed, making them perfect talents for productions.

The Alpine scenery is simply beautiful and offers a perfect setting for shooting in nature and in uniquely clear air. In contrast to many other countries in recent years, the quality of the typically good air of Austria has actually improved considerably and emissions of most air pollutants have decreased which makes exerting air sports and filming there even more attractive.

Austrians and sport

People who enjoy extreme activities are typically youthful and rebellious, enjoy creativity and individual expression, according to psychologists, which is also quite true about Austrians. Sport for Austrians is not only enjoyed by a proportion, but by society as a whole making it an important part of their national culture. Their connectedness to nature heightens their respect towards it, which can be witnessed in the way the conserve and nurture their surroundings, which in turn ensures them good health and vitality.

There are studies, that show that more than half of the inhabitants of Austria can ski and that 40% of Austrians practise some form of sport at least once a week, making being active and enthusiastic about sport quite a national lifestyle.

Austrian Talents and Locations on Screen

Austria’s strong economy enables a flawless infrastructure, enabling not only sport enthusiasts, but also productions to have easy access to pretty much any location in the Alps. Also this country can offer well equipped and experienced local crew with special skills talents for safely and efficiently handling extreme environments and situations. It is essential to have a local on the crew, who is familiar with the region’s geography, fast changing weather conditions, as well as the equipment and clothing needed. Only an experienced person can understand the dangers of the quickly changing weather. When shooting a sports scene, their knowledge is also vital for the preparatory stage.

Austria has a long history of practising and filming extreme sports; here are a few examples: “Fire&Ice”, “XXX”, “Attention - A Life in Extremes” or the 2015 remake of “Point Break”, let alone the many James Bond features playing in the Alps . These films show how blessed Austria is with nature ideal for sport, and with an ability to capture it.

Austria, Tyrol, Zillertal, Wedelhütte Austria: well functioning infrastructure in every height

A big advantage for filming in Austria is that even the most hidden places can be easily and quickly accessed thanks to their immaculate infrastructure and the fact that the country is relatively small; it is approximately only 250 km tall from north to south and 524 km wide from east to west. This accessibility is key for the country, because Austria is financially highly dependent on tourism, which is why they have ensured that practically any destination is reachable. They have well-trained, experienced rescue teams, who are especially professional in minute-fast rescuing with the use of helicopters to reach remote locations. This important in cases of avalanches, storms, forest fires and delivering patients to specialized doctors in top first-aid centers and hospitals.


Tyrol is unquestionably an ideal destination for avid rock climbers, since it has hundreds of 3000 meter high mountains, more than 5000 alpine rock climbing routes and 3000 sport climbing routes. Its dramatic rock faces and crags promise unforgettable experiences for climbers and brilliant locations for shoots.

These scenic resorts have such a range of rock walls, ledges and other formations that are ideal both for enthusiastic beginners and world-class professionals, with routes that are constantly developed.

Tannheimer Tal is a valley in Tyrol, that has such a long tradition of rock climbing, that its first routes were opened more than a hundred years ago. It welcomes sportsmen of all levels of skill, to try out more than a hundred climbing routes, and just as many multi-pitch routes, as well as 3 Via Ferrata trails.

Climbing Parks

In the heart of Ötztal, one of the country’s most stunning natural areas, one can find an exceptional flying fox rope course in Längenfeld, which is the first of its kind in Tyrol, hanging above an untouched valley with rouged rocks, large trees and a beautiful panorama of the Alps.

The Stubai Valley in Tyrol is home to a sensational adventure park offering eight trails, each with zip lines, swinging steps and suspension bridges, up to 18 meters high among trees.

Panorama Ötztal, Tirol Panoramic view Ötztal

Freeride & Mountainbike

Austria is also one of the best places for bikers, especially because one can find one of Europe’s most famous cycle routes here, called the “Danube path”. Another route that can not be forgotten is Bike Trail Tyrol, the longest Alpine bike trail, which is 1000 km long.

If you are interested in using other summer sports for your project like Caving, Motocross, Cross Buggy, Summer Tobogganing, Triathlon or Skateboarding, we can give you further helpful tips and information.

Vimeo the experience of cycling in the alps


Thanks to Austria’s mountainous geography, alpine skiing is the country’s leading and most loved sport, with snowboarding and ski jumping not far behind.

This is the land of stunning ski resorts, due to its immaculate infrastructure and fantastic views, making it not only a popular destination for tourists, but for film and photography productions as well. Alpine glaciers ensure snow all year round, making it a 100% reliable location for snow sports. Unlike most of Europe with their artificially built resorts, Austria offers old traditional villages with up to date services as accommodation. Locations like this are mostly situated in the Tyrol region and around Salzburg, as well as the Arlberg region (St. Anton-Zürs-Lech), which is one of Europe’s snowiest areas.

St Anton, which is among Europe’s top skiing resorts, has brilliant accessibility with three international airports within two hours’ drive away and a railway station in its heart.

Lech and Zürs are two of the most exquisite resorts where the privileged, with various royalties and cultural stars stay in the five-star and four-star hotels that they have nearly a hundred of in that area. This high altitude resort is the only place in Austria where you can try heliboarding, which means being taken by helicopter to otherwise inaccessible locations in order to snowboard on virgin snow.


Another exceptional location is the region of the Stubai-Hintertux glaciers, which with 10,400 feet is the highest resort in Innsbruck. One can ski here all year round and the large amount of visitors is the only bother. They also have wide open bowls and a brilliant halfpipe, as well as off-piste routes perfect for freeriders.

The ski resorts have a considerable amount of experience in action filming skiers on their slopes, so they are well prepared to give assistance and security.


Many state that Europe’s snowboard capital is Austria, because of its perfect infrastructure, as well as its casual and daring attitude. Better equipment, accessibility and organization, with more reasonable prices make the Austrian Alps more appealing than the French side. They also have brilliant services in old, traditional villages and towns, that are tailored for today’s requirements. Tyrol is not accidentally called by many “the heart of the Alps”, since it is home to Europe’s most important snowboard events, for example Air and Style, Lord of the Boards and the Brit Games.

The Nordpark-Seegrube resort, that towers over Innsbruck, is called “The Snowboard Mecca”. This title was given partially because of its 400 foot superpipe and its very steep slopes.

However, the best resort for freeriders and piste enthusiasts is unquestionably the Arlberg region, with St. Anton in its heart.

Perfect Snowboard Locations for Filming

Blue Piste  - Moderate
Pistes on wide slopes graded up to 25% and are well groomed.

Red Piste  - Intermediate
Pistes on wide slopes graded between 25% and 40%, that are groomed. These are the most common and popular type of pistes.

Black Piste  - Difficult
The steepest and most difficult pistes, which are often not groomed.

Ski Resorts with Many Black and Red Pistes

Ski Arlberg - Tyrol  - Austria’s largest interconnected course system
Elevation: 1270 - 2811m
Elevation difference: 1541m
Pistes: 51km black, 123km red, 131km blue
Number of ski lifts: 87

Elevation: 1377 - 2872m
Elevation difference: 1495m
Pistes: 49km black, 142km red, 47km blue
Number of ski lifts: 41

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental
Elevation: 620 - 1957m
Elevation difference: 1337m
Pistes: 33km black, 129km red, 122km blue
Number of ski lifts: 90

Mayrhofen - Zillertal
Elevation: 630 - 2500m
Elevation difference: 1870m
Pistes: 30km black, 66km red, 40km blue
Number of ski lifts: 44

Famous Black Ski Slopes

Harakiri - Austria’s Steepest Ski Slope
Location: Mayrhofen, Tirol
Gradient: average 78%
Length: 1,2 km
Elevation difference: 376m
Highest point: 2081m

Gamsleiten 2
Location: Obertauern, Salzburg
Gradient: at some points it reaches 100%
Length: 1km
Elevation difference: 362m
Highest point: 2313m

Location: Kitzbühel, Tirol
Gradient: 27-85%
Length: 3,3 km
Elevation difference: 860m
Highest point: 1666m

Ski Resorts with Many Blue Pistes

Elevation: 1630 - 2313m
Elevation difference: 683
Pistes: 4km black, 35km red, 61km blue
Number of ski lifts: 26

Silvretta Montafon
Elevation: 700 - 2430m
Elevation difference: 1730m
Pistes: 8km black, 45km red, 60km blue
Number of ski lifts: 37


Tobogganing is an activity loved both by locals and visitors, making it one the most popular winter sports. It is more safe and relaxing than other sports, so it is ideal for ending a day of skiing with the family, especially because tobogganing runs are lit up by night, giving it a truly special atmosphere.

For example, the toboggan track at Maria Waldrast, in Matrei am Brenner is ideal for taking brilliant shots of sportsmen in action. It is 3.5 km long, with an elevation of 500m and full of gripping corners which is all illuminated until 11pm. The Elferlifts sledding track in Neustift is special because of its length of almost 6.5 km.

Youtube tube races in austria

Snow Tubing does have its parallels with sledding, but the vehicle that it is performed on is rather different. These are things that look like large, plastic, blown-up donuts called a snow tube. This is an appealing bit of equipment, because it creates only a very low amount of friction with the snow, so a snow tuber could even reach the speed of 40 km per hour. Waves and jumps are big obstacles for such a vehicle, but tracks for this sport are especially overlooked to minimize these dangers.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing means getting up the frozen water of an icefall or the slippery walls of a glacier with ice crampons and picks. Tyrol is an ideal region for this because it has countless sites perfect for this sport. This is an unusually amazing activity, but it is also dangerous, because ice can be unpredictable, so it is necessary to hire experienced local professionals for guidance.

Ice climbing Johnstons Canyon Upper falls Alberta Canada December 2014

Snow Karting

Sliding down slopes and feeling full of adrenalin is all that snow karting is about. Similar to a cart, a snow cart is easy to drive, so that learning to use it is a lot easier than starting to get to know how to ski from scratch. Making them truly safe to use, they have two foot brakes and one ice brake to enable steering. Ask us for the best Austrian slopes for snow karting.

Ski Jumping

Based on a true story, the film „Eddie the Eagle” (2016) is about the ski jumper Michael „Eddie“ Edwards (Taron Egerton), who took part in the Olympic Winter Games of 1988 in Calgary under the colours of Great Britain. They used ski jump bases at Innsbruck and Seefeld in Tyrol for this production.

Youtube trailer for eddie the eagle

The Bergisel Ski Jump towering high above Innsbruck is truly extraordinary because of its new landmark, with sculpture-like design created by the British-Iraqi star architect Zaha Hadid for Innsbruck in 2002.

As part of the Ski Jumping World Cup, the Four Hills Tournament takes place every year in Austria and Germany. The competition happens on two Austrian ski jumps and on two German ones. Within Austria these are located in the heart of Tyrol: one in Innsbruck, as well as in Bischofshofen, which is in the region of Salzburg. The final stage is organized in Bischofshofen by Skiclub Bischofshofen. The competition starts after Christmas and lasts until Three King’s Day.


The new sport called snowkiting is a brilliant, adrenalin fueled way to ride the wind and snow. A carefully designed tube is used as an airfoil enabling the wind to lift the user up. These skiers use the kite to get them over specially large jumps that have beautiful panorama views.

This sport is mainly connected to Thalgau, which is near the Mondsee region, because it is home to the Snowkiting School Austria, who organizes the Snowkite World Cup. Between the middle of December and the middle of March the Snowkite park, which is at 900 meters, gives opportunities for visitors to try out this sport. Apart from Thalgau, Obertauern, Zell am See-Kaprun, and Achensee, which has particularly excellent wind conditions. These are all ideal locations for those in love with Snowkiting.

Bungee Jumping ​​​​​

Situated 630 feets (192 m) up in the air, the Europa Bridge (Europabrücke), Innsbruck is part of the Brenner Autobahn that connects Austria and Italy over the Alps, soaring above the Wipp Valley. It is the highest bridge in Europe to have a bungee jump station. The backdrop of the Alps ensures that this jump has a spectacular setting.

The highest dam wall in Austria is Kolnbrein Dam (Kölnbreinsperre), in Carinthia at 200 m. Apart from it being an extraordinary film location - the 1978 The Boys from Brazil was shot here starring Gregory Peck - it is unquestionably an excellent venue for bungee jumping. At 169m, it is one of the highest bungee jumps in the world.

Youtube the bungee jumping experience

The Danube Tower is phenomenal because it enables one to jump in the capital of Austria, Vienna. It is not any old structure, but the tallest in Austria since it is 252 meters tall. It is also among the 75 tallest towers in the world. The launch pad is 152 meters above the ground so that the jumper has a beautiful panorama view of the city and the country around; everything visible that is within 80 kilometers.

Other notable jumping stations are the Jauntalbrücke, Carinthia which is the highest train bridge in Europe and the Benni-Raich-bridge that stands above the “Pitzenklamm“, a breathtaking gorge.

Bungee Jumping Filming Locations

Staudamm Klaus, Oberösterreich (50m)

Benni-Raich-Brücke, Pitztal (94m)

Jauntalbrücke, Carinthia (96m​)​​​​​​

Bridge Lingenau, Vorarlberg (106m)

Danube Tower, Vienna (152m)

Europa Bridge - Europabrücke (192m)​​​​​​

Paragliding & hang-gliding

Paragliding & hang-gliding is the perfect way to fly and take bird’s eye view images of the Alpine scenery. Tyrol for example has many perfect launch and landing sites for paragliding, among which the most popular is the Zillertal and the Wildschönau.

I believe I can fly

There are many paragliding locations throughout the country, most of which are in the region of Tyrol, but there are also ones in Salzburg, Vorarlberg and Steiermark as well. In 2010, this sport’s most prestigious competition, the European Paragliding Championship was organized in Abtenau, in Salzburg, where 33 nations competed for victory.

Parachute Jumping and Skydiving

The Austrian Felix Baumgartner is the world record holder for skydiving for jumping out of a plane 39 kilometers  (24 miles) above the earth. He reached the estimated speed of 1,342 kilometers per hour (834 mph).

Skydiving is an extraordinary experience. Imagine being on a small airplane 4 miles up in the sky among the snowy Austrian Alps. Then the door opens and you are flying and feeling as alive as you have never felt before.

The Alps is an ideal location for this, because in the region of Tyrol there is a small airport near the village of Radfeld, the only place in the picturesque Tyrol for skydiving.

Near the Austrian capital, precisely only 40 kilometers away from Vienna, is  Flugplatz Wiener Neustadt West, also called LOXN airport, where from the end of March to the beginning of November one can skydive. LOXN, Europe’s oldest and largest tarmac airport, where the hangar has all the equipment needed for jumping. Even a small camera crew can fit on the airplanes and cameras that can be fitted on to helmets to make truly amazing footage of the landscape.

Youtube adventures in ötztal, tyrol


Austria is rich in locations ideal for rafting, for example Tyrol offers over 120 kilometers of rivers perfect for this sport. There is a large variety of whitewater rafting trips; mild ones, like the River Inn and wild ones on the Ötztaler und Zillertaler Rivers. Easttyrol’s Iselschlucht Canyon has amazing rapids, ideal for an experience full of adrenaline. Over 30 licenced whitewater rafting outfitters can be found in Tyrol, who can offer guides that ensure safety and positive experiences for their guests, as well as happily assisting film shoots as supervisors. One of these great locations is one of Europe‘s most frequented rafting places, the Imster Schlucht gorge. Also the river Salzach is extremely exciting, with its water levels ensured by being fed by the Grossglockner glaciers.

Youtube rafting


Canyoning is the sport of exploring canyons, gorges and river beds with a variety of techniques, like climbing steeply-angled clefts, swimming, getting through rapids and even jumping from 16 meters. This is a highlight of Ötzal’s summer water sports. There are various types, one being following experienced guides who take you through the most suitable route. Waterproof (even 360 degrees) cameras can be fitted onto helmets enabling marvellous footage to get recorded.

Youtube canyoning

Among untouched nature, the Auer Klamm gorge is one of Europe’s most outstanding canyons and welcomes visitors of all ages and abilities to have fun with its water chutes and rushing waterfalls.


For those looking for unique white water adventures, the Ötztal valley (between May and October) is the place they should go! The best points where one can access the valley are via the rivers Rofen Ache, Venter Ache and Ötztaler Ache. Nearby the rivers there are countless kayak clubs and schools (Kajakschule). The members are professionals in this sport and have perfect knowledge of rivers’ currents and water levels, because they kayak down them daily. The rivers of the Ötz Valley are famous for their beauty and for how wild they are, which is why many competitions are organized in the area. The Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship is held every year in the Wellerbrücke part of the Ötz river. The participants have to be highly skilled grownup kayakers. The region has immaculate infrastructure and many restaurants and hotels in the area, which makes it a lot easier for film crews to work here.

International Scale of River Difficulty (Wildwasserschwierigkeitsskala) WW

I. level: easy, clear visibility, regular currents and waves, small rapids and easy obstacles in the riverbed

II. level: moderately difficult, free headway, irregular currents and waves, medium rapids and mild whirlpools, simple obstacles, small steps, i.e. Obere Isar River in Hinterautal at water level 180

III. level: difficult, with clear visibility, high and irregular waves, larger currents, rapid, whirlpools, with steps, obstacles and blockages i.e. the Inn River’s Imster Schlucht section; Haiming and at water level 200

IV. level: very difficult, clear headway, scouting is mostly necessary, high, constant rapids and currents, strong whirlpools with blockages that have to be moved, high steps i.e. Tumpen, in Ötztaler Ache at water level 120

V. level: especially hard, scouting is essential, extreme rapids, currents, whirlpools, narrow holes, high level differences with hard entering and exiting Pl: Tarasp, in Brail Sclucht at water level 110

VI. level: at the border of being able to row down it at all, progress is only possible at certain water levels, with a high level of risk I.e. the Ötz River, between Längenfeld and Umhausen at water level 120

The adventures that gorges and wild rivers have in store, await all that set off shore in this brilliant area, as fans or in order to film or photograph the experience.

Potential Kayaking Shooting Locations

Mürz River
Frein - Large turn section: 2,5 km long, II-III+
Large turn - Mürzsteg section: 9 km I-II

Inn River
The 14km long Imster Schlucht section according to water levels is between WW II-III és III-IV

Ötzaler Ache
At the open section III and at the rapid part VI

Windsurf & Kitesurf

Austria, a country rich in mountains, gorgeous lakes and holiday resorts, is also an ideal location for watersport enthusiasts. The Lake Neusiedl and Lake Achensee, to mention a few, with their have great wind conditions are perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. These are two sports that make exceptionally beautiful sights on these picturesque Alpine lakes. Nearby these lakes there are countless sailing schools, offering workshops and equipment renting for tourists and film production crews as well.

Youtube windsurfing in austria


Wakeboarding was invented in the 1980s, by combining water skiing and surfing. Today it has become a highly mainstream, popular ‘adventure’ sport, sailing among the white Alpine mountains. While in Upper-Austria and in Styria there are many rope towing courses, in the country’s other regions the boat wakeboards are more widespread.

The world’s best wakeboarders meet every year in Linz, in Upper-Austria so that they can compare their abilities at the Red Bull Wake of Steel wakeboard competition. Today this two day event is one of the most popular international wakeboard competitions. The course offers challenges even to the most experienced wakeboarders. Its highest jump is 4,5 meters above the water level.

Youtube red bull's wake of steel

With its exceptionally beautiful backdrops sport shootings are ideally realised in Austria. The conditions for filming in Austria are more than pleasant: small distances, many well prepared special talents and the best infrastructure in the middle of awesome landscapes. You will be more than satisfied when your work in untouched nature and among experienced local professionals making sure your shoot will go perfectly.

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