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This 6-day photo shoot for Kalenji, Decathlon’s own French-made sportswear brand, presented Progressive Productions’ in-house casting department with real challenges.

Catalogue photo shoot for French sportswear brand Kalenji

The project called for professional runners who ran with the perfect movements. This required very heavy casting, and the client even came to Hungary before the production to sit in on a casting with pre-selected applicants. They based the decision to shoot here on casting, since they were not able to find the right talent in several other countries.

Casting for the shoot was crucial as we had to find great number of professional runners, and the client even made a trip to Hungary prior to the production to sit in on a casting

The photos capture just a moment of the run, so it didn’t matter who ran the quickest, it was the perfect running technique that meant everything. We quickly realized that this won’t succeed with the traditional casting methods so we made incredible efforts and used great resources to find the talents needed. We got in touch with most of the city’s sports clubs, went to numerous sport events, and ran several ads. It is quite possible that everyone who could run in this country was notified of this casting.

We got in touch with most of the city’s sports clubs, recruited at sporting events, and ran several ads to find the right talents

We held several castings and saw hundreds of people. In addition, we needed two kids who were also trained runners, for which an even smaller pool of options was available, but of course we found the perfect talent. In the end we cast 11 runners, 2 children, and 2 underwear models.

By doing casting, location scouting, and production all in-house, we can adapt perfectly to the client’s needs

It really makes us proud that we could accomplish this task, and that we could show dozens of great options to our client. This project proved to us that an in-house casting department is way more effective. With in-house services (casting, location, production) we can adapt perfectly to the client’s needs.

The colorful baroque buildings of Buda Castle District turned out to be perfect for this shoot

Another important factor that led Kalenji to choose Hungary was locations, as they were looking for smaller, colorful houses an old European row setting. The Buda Castle District with its old Baroque buildings with different colored walls turned out to be a perfect place for many photos.

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