Zerinol Gola - TV Commercial

Boehringer Ingelheim

This Zerinol Gola commercial was our fastest project ever. We only had nine days to organize everything, including locking down several locations, casting the Hungarian talent, building a whole set, and acquiring specific clothing and props.

The futuristic iron door set

During this limited time, together with the art department we even planned and built a large, space-like set. A very fun and successful shoot came out of this tight, stressful schedule.

For the main role, a Hungarian actor was chosen who didn’t speak a word of Italian until he got the part. He only had a few days to get the lines right with the help of a dialogue coach. It was quite impressive to see that in the end he spoke his lines so naturally, with the perfect lip movements.

The Hungarian actor who was chosen for the main role spoke his Italian lines perfectly after only a few days of working with a language coach

We shot at some of Budapest’s most gorgeous locations, like St. Stephen’s Basilica and the streets around the State Opera House. Also, it was very rewarding for us to work with such a highly acclaimed director as Maurizio Longhi.


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