Gorgeous Café among Parisian Style Streets

The exceptional Café Central can be found on the ground floor of a beautiful, eclectic building in the heart of Budapest. After opening in 1887, the café soon became one of the most significant meeting points of Budapest’s literary life, because there were numerous publishing companies and printing-offices in that area, as well as multiple universities and libraries, that are still there today. Although today it is able to feel the historic atmosphere of the place, its interior is not too aged. The thonet style chairs and classic marble tables with long red leather banquette seating twisting around the walls, that have wood paneling create such an exciting atmosphere, that inspires nearly all filmmakers and photographers, which is exactly why the Café Central is a highly praised shooting location. With its French style rattan cafe chairs and orange sunshade, Central’s terrace surrounded by cozy cobblestone streets is also a very good location. There is a gallery on the corner next to the café, which has a gorgeous entrance with a golden signboard, creating an exciting background both for shots taken on the terrace and indoors.

The café’s large windows overlooking the neighbouring gallery’s shop window inspires many filmmakers
The historic café was freshened up by a new style, so that its interior is both true to its history and also pleasant and friendly
The café’s special atmosphere is defined by the marble tables standing on cast iron legs, the thonet style chairs and wood panelling on the walls
The most famous writers, poets and actors of the beginning of the previous century visited the café
Its Parisian feel and the neighboring cobblestone streets make the Central’s terrace widely beloved

The Central is a true top filming location, not only due of its unique features, but also because to its management, which is open and cooperative towards productions. Next to feature films, it has often appeared in commercials and photographs. For example, in the commercial Progressive produced for Konica Minolta, the main character, a young fashion designer gets inspired in the café. On its terrace we shot the German Brax’s Autumn/Winter collection and most recently we did a shoot here for the American GQ magazine, when the world famous photographer, Craig McDean photographed Ryan Gosling.

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