Top Filming Locations in Hungary

Kelenföld Power Plant

Mysterious, Abandoned Rooms in Art Deco Style

When the Kelenföld Power Plant started generating electricity in 1914, it was one of the most technologically advanced plants of its day. In the 1930s this very power plant supplied the whole capital with electricity.The main attraction of this derelict power plant is the stunning Art Deco control room with its oval, decorative glass ceiling, which is a widely acclaimed monument to industrial art. This duality between the ornate style of the turn of the century and functional, mechanical modernity creates an atmosphere like no other. It has many architectural features like a semi-spiral staircase with natural lighting. The power plant has been closed down since 2005, but this strange, creepy, sci-fi movie-like control room with its buttons, and endless switches and displays is open for shootings.

Progressive Productions shot the promo video for the mini series Houdini, starring Adrien Brody here
At its completion, the control room was completely state-of-the-art. It used the latest technology and new parts that were being produced for the first time
In the 1930s this power plant supplied all of Budapest with electricity
The power plant has been closed down since 2005
The power plant was built in Art Deco style, and started generating electricity in 1914 as one of the most technologically advanced plants of its day

The control room was used as a setting for the movie called Chernobyl Diaries, where it doubled as the infamous Chernobyl Power Plant. Scenes from Brad Pitt’s zombie apocalypse movie, World War Z, were also shot here. In 2015, for the movie called Spy, Melissa McCarthy’s character got interrogated here. Lately, the 2018 thriller called Terminal, starring Margot Robbie was filmed in the power plant. Progressive Productions also shot the promo video for the mini-series Houdini, starring Adrien Brody and has organized fashion shoots for the brands Superdry and Mizuno.

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