We participated in shooting a music video for one of South Korea’s most popular girl bands, during which we filmed for three days in many stunning countryside locations. The music video was made for Loona/yyxy, and all its four members Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye flew to Hungary to participate in the shoot, which was a great delight to their Hungarian fans.

The production was organised by Digipedi (Digital Pedicure), one of South Korea’s largest production companies specialising in music videos. Digipedi has taken part in the creation of countless K-Pop music videos, for example Psy’s Daddy music video, which is highly popular all around the globe. Combining all their music videos on YouTube that they have produced, they have gained hundreds of millions of views. We were honoured to have been chosen to be their partners in filming the music video for love4eva. Next to this music video, a photo shoot was also taken of the girls in Budapest. Progressive’s team provided production, location and casting service for the production.

For the music video called love4eva - in which the popular Canadian musician Grimes collaborated - such locations were needed those have the atmosphere of an all-girls boarding school, but also had a romantic feel too, which is why two stunning Hungarian castles and strangely a power plant’s culture center were the main locations.

Top Hungarian architects and artists of the time were involved in the design of the socialist-realist culture center

The Inota Power Plant is an enormous building complex, with the atmosphere similar to the Mad Max films and was last used as a location for various scenes in the Hollywood super-production Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence. Next to the power plant with it’s post-apocalyptic atmosphere a retro culture center stands, where in the past the functioning power plant’s workers were educated. One of the power plant’s rooms perfectly fitted to the concept of the music video, for a scene in which the girls are being taught by a strict teacher. The actress playing the teacher was added to our database during a previous casting of ours and we still remembered her strong introduction video. Based on the photographs and video of her, we thought that she will be the ideal actress for the role of a cold and strict teacher, and our clients completely agreed with this as well.

Located in Szabadkígyós, which is a three-hour drive from Budapest, the Wenckheim Castle is an exceptionally beautiful neo-renaissance and eclectic style castle, a truly unique location for shoots. Making the most of all its facilities and features, we filmed in nearly all its rooms and even took drone recordings of the castle’s park. The interiors of the 19th-century building designed by Miklós Ybl were arranged with historical furniture, completely enchanted the entire crew, since no buildings like this can be found in South Korea.

The Wenckheim Castle in Szabadkígyós is ranked amongst the most beautiful castles in Hungary

Next to the castle in Szabadkígyós, we also shot in the 18th century Ráday Castle’s saloon and park, which is situated in Pécel, only half an hour’s drive from Budapest. Next to the castle’s extraordinary elegance, it also has another interesting feature which is an uncanny tale. Locals say that a ghost lives in the castle, who is a previous owner’s blind little girl, who sometimes likes to move objects and make strange sounds. Thankfully, the little girl’s ghost did not bother us during the shoot.

It gives us a lot of joy that these Hungarian locations - especially these ones in the countryside - drew in such a unique and exciting production into the country. We hope to be able to take part in countless other similarly successful music video shoots!


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