The Gift Giving Campaign is a yearly recurring element of Gucci’s marketing, which takes over all of the brand’s communication channels in the period leading up to the winter holidays. Part of the campaign is a photo series, as well as a short film, the latter of which provides the campaign’s foundation. Every part of the campaign was shot in Hungary in 2022 with Progressive Productions providing local production and location services.

The photos were taken by the immensely talented Carlijn Jacobs (©Gucci)

The theme of the campaign was travel, echoing the glory of a bygone era. In the story, the destination is unknown, so the focus shifts onto the journey itself. This is why the focus of the film got placed on the glamorous Austrian Majestic Imperator train, which was brought to life by the director Jordan Hemingway and the director of photography Rob Hardy with the use of 35mm film and the help of 16 models.

Equipment and experienced film crews are both available in Hungary to shoot on analog film

The film shoot took place at two locations: the Keleti Railway Station in Budapest and at the train station of Pásztó, which is an hour’s drive away from the capital. The strength of the latter location was its isolation and emptiness, however, this made it necessary to construct a completely self-sufficient base camp on an area of 10,000 sqm (107,000 sqft), which had its challenges since there was no electricity nor water available on site. Commercial frame tents tailored to each department’s individual needs and state-of-the-art trailers formed the backbone of the base. Also, we covered the entire area with high speed internet and utility services.

The entire area of the base exceeded 10,000 sqm (107,000 sqft)

During the shoot, we applied various unique technical solutions to simulate the train’s movement and changing environment. For example, we built equipment to rock the train while standing still, and used special lamps and various types of backgrounds as well. For the latter, a unique solution was to project a digital background for which a small house sized frame with blackout curtains, had to be built next to the carriages.

Thanks to the station’s features, constructing a scaffolding right next to the carriages did not raise any technical or security issues

One of the SFX team’s tasks was to create a winter environment at the otherwise blooming Pásztó train station. The scene that required the most preparation was the film’s final scene in which the passengers hop off from the train onto the tracks covered in snow. Next to simulating the snow and snowfall, the carriages also had to reflect a wintery environment. Cleaning up all this was quite the challenge, we even had to use special equipment provided by the fire brigade.

The fake-snow covered rails and carriages (Photo: Carlijn Jacobs; ©Gucci)

The holiday selection also included items from Gucci’s Pet collection. After multiple rounds of casting auditions, finally, a few corgis and a Biewer Yorkshire terrier got chosen. We followed the highest standards to ensure the well-being and protection of the animals. With this in mind, we created a designated area for them to rest between takes and provided them with an on-set animal trainer, handlers and a vet. 

We paid extra attention to the scheduling of the pets to minimize the workload on them (Photo: Carlijn Jacobs; ©Gucci)

All of the campaign's elements appear in the film, but it's the photo series that focuses more on the details of the selection. Among our still references, you can find the photos and a few more interesting facts about the whole project.


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