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Locations of The Sound of Music

Salzburg and its Beautiful Palaces from the Legendary Movie

Without a doubt the city of Salzburg is just as famous for being the filming location of the Academy Award winning movie The Sound of Music as being the birthplace of W.A. Mozart. The thorough location scouting for the iconic movie had already begun in 1963, searching through the city in order to find the best ones among its many beautiful spots and gorgeous palaces. After the careful scouting, director Robert Wise and his team started shooting in 1964 and spent eleven weeks on the most amazing locations of Salzburg. For the exterior scenes at the Von Trapp mansion, two of the most charming palaces of the city were used. Schloss Frohnburg, a 17th century palace, that is now home to the Mozarteum Music Academy, served as the main entrance of the villa, while the beautiful lakeside terrace of the mansion was actually shot at Schloss Leopoldskron. Interestingly, the Leopoldskron also houses a marvellous, so-called Venetian room, based on which the ballroom of the Trapp mansion was built in the 20th Century Fox studios. The Gazebo in which the famous song Sixteen Going on Seventeen was filmed, also stood on the grounds of Leopoldskron and today can be found in the garden of another palace in Salzburg called Schloss Hellbrunn.

The baroque old town of Salzburg also plays an important role in the movie. The scene, for instance where Maria splashes the water of the fountain while singing I Have Confidence in Me, was filmed at Residenzplatz while a part of the famous song, Do-Re-Mi was shot on Winkler Terrace that offers a stunning view of the city. However the most memorable spots of the Do-Re-Mi song, such as the steps on which the children hop are located in the charming garden of the Mirabell Palace. The release of the famously successful movie in 1965, brought international recognition for the undeniable beauty of Salzburg and helped to establish the city as a top filming destination for filmmakers.

The romantic baroque town of Salzburg plays important part in creating the atmosphere of the movie
Schloss Leopoldskron, the gorgeous lakeside palace doubled as the Trapp Mansion in the Movie
The Sound of Music brought international recognition to the beauty of Salzburg
Director Robert Wise spent eleven weeks in Salzburg while filming The Sound of Music
Locations of The Sound of Music

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