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Progressive Productions provides high-quality production services for photo shoots in Hungary and Austria. It may be a fashion shoot, a smaller editorial campaign, or the advertisement photos of an internationally recognized brand, we are committed to providing the most flexible, cost-effective, quality-oriented services possible to each and every one of our clients. Our film production background provides an excellent foundation to manage even the most complex productions smoothly. Our location database, which contains tens of thousands of photos, constitutes the foundation for our photo production activity. We are certain that we are capable of providing the most unique location ideas fit for the demands of individual campaigns. Besides the locations, we are at the disposal of photographers, production companies, advertising agencies and clients with full production support. We provide flexible, production-oriented services, which speak the language of the creatives’ and photographers’ artistic demands as well.


  • production management

    Thanks to our vast experience in photo production and our local knowledge, we offer smart solutions to bring the most out of every project. We tailor all resources from personnel to equipment according to the scale of the production and ensure that each project that we work on runs smoothly to schedule and within its budget. Our services are also available for production companies that need approved vendors and a hard working production team for realising their projects in Hungary or Austria.

  • art buying

    We are knowledgeable in the latest trends and styles in the field of photography and advertising and we are familiar with a wide roster of outstanding artists both locally and worldwide. Thus, we are capable of finding and booking the right artists for any concept. We make all arrangements between the artists and our clients and ensure smooth communication throughout the project. We assess incoming estimates, take care of syndication and traffic the approvals of all production elements during the process.

  • prop sourcing

    We have established relationships with the biggest prop houses, and we have experience in sourcing props ranging from small accessories, to furniture, to any kind of picture vehicle you may need.

  • office support

    We prepare the call sheets, schedules, and every necessary document for the shoot. There is always somebody in our office on stand by to give support to our shoots.

  • art team & crew

    We always carefully select our crew members considering English language skills, relevant experience, and personality. We know the best hair stylists, makeup artists, and stylists in town.

  • insurance

    We always have liability insurance for the crew, as well as insurance for any damage caused on the shoot.

  • location research & scouting

    Personalized location suggestions and presentations from our extensive database based on your brief via the latest platforms. Deep location scout with the highest quality images, fully presenting the proper locations marked with sun directions, proximities and other notes. If you are interested, take a tour in our location library!

  • celebrity shoot service

    We are experienced in providing world-class and all-encompassing services for the world’s most eminent actors and models. From offering complete discretion and ideal production conditions, to accommodation, transport and security, we ensure them treatment of the highest standards.

  • casting & talent

    We have an in-house casting and talent department, where we can provide a wide range of talent: local models, kids, elder people, extras, athletes, or any models with special skills. Check out a selection from our pool!

  • catering

    It is a top priority for us to have high quality, healthy food on set during the shoot. Besides international and local meals, we always make sure to have vegetarian, sugar-free and gluten-free food. For the evenings we gladly suggest the hottest restaurants in town for dinner.

  • special requirements

    As Progressive provides services for film productions also, we can handle large scale, even unusual requirements like heavy special effects, large sets, trained animals, or just massive location management for example the closing down of large, public areas or roads.

  • location permits

    We handle all the necessary location permits for all types of shoots in all genres. We have vast experience in public space rental and permitting, as well as managing private property rentals.

  • green production

    While we do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our services, we also consider it essential to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint following our company’s policy with every production and to harmonize our activity with our clients' policies and additional requests.

  • equipment

    Profoto and Broncolor are both available in Hungary and Austria. We source all these and other necessary lighting and grip equipment to serve the needs of the photographer and the production.

  • vehicles and ground transport

    Transportation is one of the key elements in making our clients’ stay convenient. We take care of ground transport from the time of arrival to departure. Our drivers are never late and are always at your disposal! We provide different kinds of vehicles in all scales, as well as trailers, makeup, and wardrobe vans.

  • on-set operation

    Our production team’s mission is to make each and every production as smooth as possible. Not just during the prep, but on the shoot as well! We have our own fine-selected state-of-the-art equipment for the operation on set: ladders, easy-ups, chairs, tables, heaters, special carts, walkie talkies, wifi routers, and many other handy equipment. For fashion shoots, we have special racks, hangers, steamers, portable makeup mirrors, a wardrobe protection set, and other wardrobe supplies.

  • accommodation

    Over the years we have had the chance to host our clients in every notable four or five star hotel in Budapest. Our company has corporate agreements with most of them, so we can provide the best possible rates. When we suggest hotels, we consider three main aspects: great location in the city, flexibility (cancellation, early check-in, late check-out, etc.) and production friendly facilities.

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