Top Filming Locations in Austria

The 19th Century Semper Depot

Athmospheric Cast Iron Inner Courtyard

Austrian Historicism style in the inside and Neo-renaissance on the outside; the beautiful Semper Depot was built in the 1870s according to the designs of Gottfried Semper (the designer of the Hofburg, the Natural History Museum and the Burgtheater) and Karl Hasenauer. The building's original function was to house theatrical set design studios and workshops, where they painted huge backgrounds for performances in the Opera House and the Burgtheater. This function and the unusual fan-shaped space of the land plot is the reason why such a unique shaped inner courtyard was created, enabling the workers to lift their works between the four floors. Using one of the highly important inventions of that time, the building is held by a cast iron structure. The wooden boards and beams of the courtyard are held up by six-meter tall metal columns. There are also huge studio rooms, which are connected to each other by one hundred doors.The building was empty for decades and was planned to be deconstructed, but thankfully it was saved due to its architectural importance. Now it gives home to some of the Viennese Fine Art University’s studios, next to countless events, concerts, performances and festivals, as well as fine art exhibitions created specifically connecting to this one of a kind space.

6 meter tall iron columns hold this large space created to enable creatives to move their set designs
The cast iron structure creates an unusually airy feel to such a large interior space
These beautiful wooden steps are often used as a location for orchestras’ and choirs’ concerts
Robbie Williams’ powerful music video for his song “Lovelight” was filmed here, filling the space with dancers
The Semper Depot’s inner large halls are often used for art exhibitions, performances and concerts
This special building is located in the center of the Austrian capital

Feature films were shot here like the 2015 movie Woman in Gold, about Vienna’s complicated past. Also, this was the location for Robbie Williams’ epic music video called Lovelight, creating a dramatic atmosphere with powerful lighting and a large group of dancers.

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