Top Filming Locations in Hungary

Paszto Railway Station

Old Station in the Hungarian Countryside

Paszto used to be a bustling Hungarian mining town, but its life has significantly slowed down in the few last decades, but its industrial buildings still provide great opportunities for truly unique shoots. The building of the station itself is relatively large, especially regarding its utilization, since only a few trains pass through the station daily. The surprisingly high number of train tracks, 15 altogether, are unused in the majority of the time, significantly simplifying the location’s closure and its accessibility for productions. Regardless of its light traffic, the ageing building has not lost its character, thanks to the peeling yellow paint of its brick walls and strange sounds echoing from the large industrial buildings located on the other side of the tracks. This atmosphere is completed with the sight of grass growing among the tracks, which can be used perfectly regardless of seeming to be abandoned. The sight’s production value is heightened by the fact that that are no overhead lines above the tracks. Due to the duality of its infrastructure, Paszto can successfully double for example as an authentic Second World War train station or a contemporary traveller’s rural destination.

The yellow cobblestone platform can authentically to fit any chosen period
The 15 parallel train tracks have great potential to shoot unique scenes
The factory and storage buildings are still in use today next to the tracks
The absence of overhead cables significantly simplifies production tasks
Typical Hungarian countryside scenery is provided by the surrounding hills
The station’s light traffic has contributed to its building becoming so neglected
The interior of the station has not been renovated for quite a while
Paszto Railway Station Street View

Regardless of how small Paszto may be, its station is highly popular among productions. Many film and photography productions have chosen this characteristic yellow cobblestone platform. For example, the 2017 Hungarian movie called The Whisky Robber used the tracks and the station’s building for one of its extremely tense scene. In 2022, Progressive produced the film and photo content for Gucci’s Gift Campaign. An interesting fact is that the Pásztó station was not chosen because of its style, but its technical features. The platforms out of use, the lack of overhead lines and the neighboring free areas enabled us to use equipment that would be impossible to use in other locations and to create a base for hundreds of people right next to the set.

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