Top Filming Locations in Hungary

Ferihegy Airport Terminal 1

The Empty Historic Airport Ready for Shoots

The closed Terminal 1 was Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport’s first building, uniquely designed in the 1930s to look like an airplane from the air. Its style is mainly Bauhaus with its large, simple waiting room made spacious by its airy geometric arrangement of marble pilasters and grid ceiling. Its construction started in 1942, but unfortunately it was partially destroyed during the Second World War, so its completion was prolonged until 1950 in the beginning of the Soviet Era. This is why it has a communist era feel to its interior design and little details, that were added to the building later on. A few decades later, due to the increase in air traffic they built another terminal, then finally closed this one due to decrease of flights because of Malév Hungarian Airlines’ bankruptcy. Firstly this closure was temporary, but then it became final, since instead of having to renovate the building so it was meet 21th century airport standards, they decided rather to keep it in its original historic state. The building is used for offices and as an event center, but it is not a hidden intention of theirs to welcome film crews, since this is ideal for shooting. The building still has all the rooms and equipment an airport needs, all operable by a push of a button, just waiting for a shoot! Without the upheaval of having to redirect the traffic or deal with airports’ special high level security, it is an unique location with unusually simple conditions!

Terminal 1 was used right up until 2012 when a Hungarian Airline went bankrupt
Next to the Bauhaus style architecture, the interior’s details have a Communist Era feel
The Check-In and Arrival Halls were modernized in 2007
The airport’s equipment can be brought back to life whenever needed
The lookout tower with its spiral staircase is open for shoots as well

Thanks to this airport’s and Hungary’s openness towards film productions this location has been used countless times. Before the political change in 1989, it was popular for many Hungarian and Russian films, and since then creatives have been able to arrive here from all around the globe. In 2012, a scene for Die Hard 5 was shot here with Bruce Willis, in which this airport doubles as one in New York. It also doubled as an American airport in the 2015 movie The Martian. In 2018, two films were premiered featuring scenes shot here, one was the comedy called The Spy Who Dumped Me with Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon and the other a thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence, entitled Red Sparrow. In the same year, Progressive Productions collaborated at the terminal with Prada to shoot some of their Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Then in 2019, a scene of Terminator: Dark Fate was filmed here, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

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