All Year Round Snow Provided by Icy Glacier

The stunning Stubai Glacier is home to Austria’s largest glacier ski resort with tracks for skiers of all levels. Its significance is that it enables reliable wintery conditions providing snow all year round, which makes it a European favourite for skiing and snowboarding alike. The glacier’s valley is surrounded by dramatic peaks with beautiful panoramas. Its highest areas rise above 3,000 meters and are accessible via a cable car system providing for both skiers and hikers. Located only an hour's drive away from Innsbruck, producing film or photography shoots can be executed without much difficulty. These reliable conditions enable filmmakers to shoot with wintery scenery all year round, thereby significantly simplifying planning. This is a unique trait of Stubai since there are not many accessible and filmmaker-friendly locations around Europe with similar conditions.

The Stubai Glacier provides reliable wintery conditions even throughout the summer
The stunning panorama features the Stubai Alps with peaks above 3000 meters
The tracks here are frequently visited by skiers and snowboarders from around the world
The Red Bull Media’s Passenger movie was partially shot here on location
This area of the Austrian Alps is a highly valued location for Bollywood movies
Stubai Glacier Street View

This stunning location has been used by many international productions. For example the ski movie called Passenger, produced by Red Bull Media House was shot here. This 4K sports movie features award-winning sportsmen doing what they do best around the world, with a special focus on Austria’s top skiing locations, among which is the Stubai Glacier. Scenes of the 2019 Indian movie Saaho, one of the most expensive Bollywood films, were shot at the Stubai Glacier and at the 3210 meters high viewing platform on the top of Tyrol. Many of these shots were also used in the Enni Soni music video made to accompany the movie. Progressive Productions’ team also shot a commercial here for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). It was a great example of what a glacier can provide a shoot, since the production was executed during the summer, but was able to be set in the Alpine winter.

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