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Konica Minolta

“Thank you for the weeks work of shooting my Japanese commercial. I feel your staff is very excellent, has much artistic taste, and that the shooting went smoothly.”
Kazuta Yanagihara - Executive Producer, Paddle Inc.

What does a day in a life of a young fashion designer look like? This is what the Konica Minolta commercial is all about. We were super excited that the Tokyo based Paddle Inc. chose us to produce this project in Budapest.

A day in the life of a young fashion designer

The office that appears in the commercial is actually a real designer’s workspace

The vision of the creators of the commercial was to introduce the day to day life of a fashion designer as accurately as possible. The designer’s office that appears in the commercial is a real work space. Even the protagonist’s table belongs to, and is used by a professional designer. Even the positioning of the table was left untouched for the sake of integrity. The actual designer, Réka Sümegi (POPO Team), acted as art director of the production, and helped make sure that the props appearing in the promo are ones that she actually happens to use in her everyday work.

Our locations department provided ample options for the shoot

The most important factor in this production was the perfect location. As soon as we got the script, our location department, Progressive Locations, started to look for design workspaces that could potentially work for the project . They discovered Heinrich Etage, a large, open workspace where young designers utilizes the entire level of a large building together. You probably cannot find a place where so many young designers work together in one place anywhere else in Europe. Our colleagues, who uncovered this spot after just a couple of hours, immediately knew that they found something really special. In Heinrich, the variety of rooms, and diverse group of designers provided ample options for the shoot, which impelled our clients to bring the project to Budapest.

Our talent department cast Kriszta in the main role, who enchanted everyone despite never having acted on screen

The second most important factor was to find the ideal actress, who could authentically portray a designer who is able to captivate the audience through her personality. Our colleagues at Progressive Talents turned over every stone to find the best actress, they even called in candidates for casting who, although they had not acted for the screen before, could potentially make the role. One of these potentials was Krisztina who, enchanted everyone despite the fact that she previously only had stage experience and was actually discovered by our Progressive colleagues who spotted her on-screen potential.

The cast and crew of Inspiration, for Konica Minolta

“Inspiration,” for Konica Minolta, was our first piece of work we produced with a Japanese production company, and we really hope to take part in similar projects in the future. We would have never guessed that so many production assistants in Hungary are fluent in Japanese, and because of this we could easily communicate without any language barrier. The product itself provided an opportunity to create a positive and inspiring video.


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