Filming Locations in Hungary

Progressive Locations

What are the best shoot locations in Hungary?

We’ve fine selected our locations and created a compilation of the best ones to give you an overview of Hungary’s most frequented, TOP shooting locations. Both alone and within their respective categories,  these attractive locations, that have become Hungary’s trademark, represent the country’s strengths. Browse through our selection, and take a look at the country’s most beautiful urban spots, palaces, museums, cafés, and baths. Find out what makes them special enough to make it into the top filming locations of the country.

The Diversity of Grandiose Vienna


This stunning capital city was the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is still present today in its historical monuments and ornate buildings. There are many atmospheric cobblestone alleyways to stumble upon, not to mention the cafés which played a key role in European culture. Vienna has always been open to cutting edge architecture, such as the decorative design from the turn of the last century, as well as those of such contemporary stars as Zaha Hadid


The city of The Sound of Music is loved world-wide for its memorable picturesque historic spots.


Lake Altaussee

A picturesque lake surrounded by many traditional Alpine wooden cabins and marshy areas.


Unique Historical Places


We collected these one of a kind locations to show you the strangest, unbelievable places in Hungary. All four unusual buildings come from different eras of the past 150 years, and represent different styles, such as the fairytale castles of the 19th century, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles or the socialist architecture of the ‘70s.

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