Top Filming Locations in Austria

Zaha Hadid’s Library

Extraordinary Buildings in Vienna’s High-tech University Campus

The highlight of Vienna University of Economics and Business’s truly extraordinary campus is the world famous architect,  Zaha Hadid’s Library and Learning Center. It is a futuristic building that has no vertical walls; they lean at 35 degrees, creating an awe inspiring and giddy sight. It is a unique mixture of geometric and smooth organic architectural styles, since the exterior is heavily gridded, while the interior has more rounded organic shaping. Next to its many reading rooms, some with breathtaking views of the city, the snowy white interior consists of a large atrium, making the various levels visible, that are connected by ramps and stairways. This building's powerful manipulation of angles and spaces is what makes this such an original piece of contemporary architecture. But this is not the only notable building on the campus; there are five other exceptional contemporary designs by a vast array of international architects, ranging from Spain to Japan. For example, one with a unique rusty-orange exterior, another checkered and one consisting of huge cubes arranged in seemingly random angles. This is unquestionably the most modern large university campus in Europe, with state-of-the-art designs welcoming film and photography shoots.

The campus is home to six buildings designed by a range of top international architects
This futuristic buildings have no vertical halls; they are all 35 degrees
This exceptional library was designed by the Pritzker Architecture Prize winning Zaha Hadid
It is home to reading rooms with awe-inspiring views of Vienna
20 000 students studying economics and business inhabit the stylish building complex
The state of the art campus was opened in 2013

This one-of-its-kind location is truly inspiring for filmmakers, for example the 2015 sci-fi film Ex Machina was shot here, as was Woman in Gold and Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation with Tom Cruise. This location has considerable experience in hosting productions, making it an ideal place to shoot.

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