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This photo shoot for the oil brand Shell Rimula was a production where Hungary was the one and only choice as a shooting location, because the final product was conceived to be a promotion: a chance to participate in a Hungarian truck race as part of the mechanics crew for the best team in Europe which happens to be Hungarian.

It was a pretty simple set with the fantastic truck of the Hungarian team, who were the defending European Champions

Progressive worked closely with the very prestigious, British photo production company, Peter Bailey, to whom we provided production support. The end product was a montage that was shot on several locations. One of them was, of course, the Hungaroring, the Hungarian Formula 1 race track. Having this race track in the country is a huge advantage as such a location is quite rare, and the Hungaroring has especially good characteristics.

The final image was put together from dozens of layers of photos including the tarmac of the racetrack

Progressive also had the chance to shoot here during the production of a photo shoot for the clothing brand Louis Philippe. We also shot at the marvelous Parliament building with the Peter Bailey team, which is one of the most iconic buildings in Budapest and in all of Hungary. We faced quite a challenge in shooting a truck in studio, as Budapest does not have a photo studio that a truck could fit in. We solved the issue by shooting in a professional film studio, the Origo Studio.

It seems a simple shoot, but it doesn’t as it took 3 days and there were many requirements regarding the precise framing, elements and wardrobe, etc.

After this 3-day shoot, the final image was pieced together using many layers and small, detailed elements (like the tarmac of the race track, the truck, the Parliament building and the talent) that we shot separately on numerous locations.

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