Budapest’s Monumental Historic Tunnel

The Buda Castle Tunnel is an emblematic element of the city, situated under the Buda Hill and behind the Chain Bridge. It enables cars to drive in two lanes and pedestrians to walk on the 350 meters long road that stretches under the Buda Castle. It was completed in 1857 according to the English Adam Clark’s eclectic classicist designs. Although its Western entrance was destroyed in the Second World War, the Eastern entrance survived and to this day it stands representing the power of Hungary with the Hungarian coats of arms crowning the top of its ellipsoid arch. A quirky fact is that there is an apartment built into the Eastern entrance, which traditionally housed the caretaker of the tunnel and the Chain Bridge. Inside the tunnel, the traffic lights get reflected on the millions of tiny mosaics that line the walls. Since the tunnel overlooks the stunning Danube and Pest, many young people love to sit on the top of the entrance to enjoy the panorama - which often gets them in trouble with the police, because the height of this construction also makes it dangerous.

Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson hung from the top of the tunnel in the 2002 movie I Spy
Next to the tunnel are pathways leading up to the Buda Castle
The historic tunnel ends in a stunning view of the Chain Bridge
This 160 years old tunnel is 350 meters long

This tunnel appears in many films over the years. The most special occasion was undoubtedly when Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson ended up hanging from the top of tunnel while shooting the comedy spy movie I Spy. Next to international productions it has appeared in Hungarian movies as well, like The Hungarian Strayer, a bizarre comedy in which the seven tribe leaders from Hungarian history, travel through time and end up sitting on the top of the tunnel emotionally viewing the panorama of 21st century Budapest. Also in Kornél Mundruczó’s Un Certain Regard winning movie White God a mixed-breed dog leads a huge pack of hundreds of wild dogs run through the Buda Castle Tunnel, creating an astonishing sight.

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