Advertising Photography

  • Brand:

  • Superdry
  • Photographer

  • James Meigh
  • Production Manager:

  • Emily Whiting
  • Stylist:

  • Anna Conger
  • BTS Photographer:

  • Andrew Coley
  • Local Production Company:

  • Progressive Productions
  • We Provided:

  • Location Services

In November of 2017 we yet again had the opportunity to collaborate with a worldwide known brand; this time we worked on the British Superdry’s latest collection photo shoot. The campaign was made for a special edition collection and it is unique because it features one of the most famous Chinese singer-actors Xu Weizhou, widely known as Timmy Xu. The star happened to be in Hungary shooting his latest film, so Superdry’s team flew to Budapest to make this series of photographs with him.

Superdry favours youthful, cool, urban style locations, such as abandoned factories or ruined buildings for their photo shoots. Hungary has an endless variety of such locations, and thanks to our database we were able to present many ideal options, among which the Kelenföldi Power Plant got chosen.

Superdry prefers to shoot in ruined, abandoned buildings

There was a need for a diverse location, that could offer the possibility of being able to take different style photos. The power plant is such an unusual building; it conjures up the atmosphere of both the past and the future. The dark, creepy corridors, its crumbling walls and the classic sci-fi computer-like switches and meters built in the Art Deco style control room enchanted Superdry’s photographer and creative team straightaway.

Previously we had shot in this building with Adrien Brody, so we were entirely clear about its challenges. The absence of electricity and water, as well as the fact that some parts of the building are dangerous, are conditions that always mean large challenges for productions shooting here.

Celebrity shoots always require extra attention, which is why even in these conditions, we strived to entirely satisfy Timmy’s wishes and requirements. We constructed a well-equipped, preheated dressing tent for him, and provided a plentiful, rich craft table as well.

Despite the unique conditions, we strived to satisfy all requirements

We are delighted to take part in more and more world class photo shoots by the year. We can proudly state that over the years Progressive Productions has become the most experienced production company in Hungary in the aspect of photography productions.

We’re always on the look out for another exciting project to work on. We’d love to hear form you.
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