Top Filming Locations in Hungary

The Andrássy Boulevard

Charming Boulevard with a Historic European Atmosphere

Lined with trees and historic buildings, Budapest’s most iconic boulevard is the picturesque Andrássy, which connects the city center with the Heroes’ Square. It is actually a surprisingly filmmaker friendly location since the tree-lined pedestrian pavements divides the key road’s six lanes into three sections, enabling simple road closures on the two side lanes without disrupting the main traffic. The architecture here is a collection of beautiful monumental buildings that were built during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy under the influence of renaissance Venetian palaces. Cast iron benches, lush trees, old advertisement columns and ornate entrances to Europe's first metro line are also great details for creating a European atmosphere of the past. The condition of the buildings vary from immaculately renovated, to atmospherically crumbling and grimy from a century of traffic. The boulevard’s special sites include the Hungarian Fine Art University with its infamously sooty, dark facade and beautiful golden mosaics, and the House of Terror, a history museum in front of which portraits of victims and a segment of the Iron Wall can be found.

The Andrássy Boulevard lined with monumental historic architecture
In 'Grace Stirs Up Success', this corner was featured doubling as Paris
These tree-lined side lanes enable easy road closures for shooting
The iconic yellow cast iron entrances of the European continent’s first metro line
A perfect spot for shooting atmospheric European cafe culture
Where Rowan Atkinson strolled playing Maigret in 1940s Paris
The Andrássy Boulevard Street View

The Andrássy Boulevard is frequently used to double as a Parisian street, for example in the 2012 period film Bel Ami starring Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman, then in the 2015 movie An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success, in which an American girl has an adventurous time fulfilling her dream to be a Parisian baker. It was yet again used in the 2016 TV series Maigret to create an atmospheric 20th-century Parisian street, where Rowan Atkinson had a peaceful stroll playing the lead detective. An even more imaginative use of this location was when it doubled as 1930s Buenos Aires for Evita, which was shot in 1996 starring Madonna.

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