Grand Baroque Palace with an Amazing Garden

Hungary’s grandest Rococo monument; The Esterházy palace of Fertőd, which was built by the incredibly wealthy, aristocrat Esterházy family, got its final form in the second half of the 18th century. The palace had an important role in the era’s musical evolution because the legendary Joseph Haydn, who spent almost two decades at  the palace, making it the birthplace of several of his operas and symphonies. As the Esterházy princes were great patrons of the arts, this luxurious baroque palace became one of the main cultural centers of Hungary, which is why the palace was given the nickname the Hungarian Versailles. During the 18th and 19th century the Esterházys would welcome hundreds of guests at a time to luxurious soirees at this palace, which still counts as one of Europe’s biggest Rococo palaces with its 126 rooms. It has a large banquet room, a vast library and its central room outstandingly incredibly ornate. Over the years, parts of the building were  burnt to a ruin, but many parts are currently undergoing renovation and restoration.

With its 126 rooms, the Esterházy palace is one of the biggest baroque palaces in Europe
During the 18th and 19th century the Esterházys welcomed hundreds of guests to parties at this palace
The palace was built by the incredibly wealthy, aristocrat Esterházy family
Joseph Haydn spent almost two decades at the palace, where he composed several of his masterpieces
The richly decorated front stairs are a perfect spot for film and photo shoots
Esterházy Palace

Progressive Productions visited this beautiful palace many times, for instance when we produced a Louis Philippe campaign photo shoot at this location.

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