The Bridge of Stone and Iron

Lánchíd (in Hungarian) is one of the most memorable emblems of Budapest and the first bridge built on the river Danube to connect the two parts of the city; Buda and Pest. It offers a rich textures with the contrast of the iron chains and two stone arches that gives such character to this piece of architecture. There are many charming historic lamps on the bridge to provide lighting. An urban legend says that when the bridge was opened some people started to mock the sculptor of the stone lions at the bridgeheads because they didn’t have tongues. He was so ashamed that he jumped off of the bridge into the river. Fortunately, this is just an urban legend. The sculptor actually lived a long life and never jumped into the river. Also, the lions do have tongues but they are only visible from above. The Lánchíd was finished in 1849. Back then this suspension bridge counted as one of the wonders of the modern world’s engineering. Since then it has been partially destroyed and renovated multiple times.

The night view of the River Danube and the Chain Bridge is probably the most famous landmark of Budapest
Chain Bridge is the first bridge built to connect the city’s two parts, Buda and Pest
The Chain Bridge has been chosen as a location for films like An American Rhapsody with Scarlett Johansson
The bridge can be closed down for filming on Sundays
Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge has been chosen as a location for such films as An American Rhapsody with Scarlett Johansson. Progressive Productions worked here on an episode of the NBC series Royal Pains and also used it as key location for a photo shoot for Fedex and for German fashion brand, Brax.

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