World Cup Fans - TV Promo

MBC Television

When the World Cup Championship was held in South Africa, MBC Television of Dubai decided to shoot a promotional video for the occasion and they asked our help to find the right locations for the shoot. This production is perhaps the biggest milestone in Progressive Productions’ life thus far, as this was our first project that was made for the international market.

The production required several stuntmen and over one hundred extras

The main task was to find forest and mountain locations anywhere in Hungary that could double as South-Africa. While scouting locations we had to keep in mind that the locations had to match perfectly with the CGI parts of the video which had already been completed. We managed to find the perfect, and most cost-effective solution that resulted in a very smooth production. We utilized the woods of the Pilis, a mountainous area located in a national park that had all the necessary shooting locations, all very close to each other. Thanks to this, unbelievable as it may sound, we managed to shoot everything in 20 hours all in one day that was literally the longest day of the year.

The woods of the Pilis Mountains doubled as South Africa in this MBC World Cup promo

Shooting with 35mm Arri cameras required a reliable light source, great professionalism, and maximum precision from the whole crew

It was absolutely amazing to shoot with two 35mm Arri cameras that required great professionalism and maximum precision from the whole crew. It was also very rewarding to work closely with such a great director, Jorge Rubia, whose absolute confidence gave a very special atmosphere to the whole shoot.

It was very rewarding to work with the very talented director Jorge Rubia (right), and one of the top Hungarian cinematographers, Dániel Garas (left)

We worked with an awesome crew that included one hundred extras, several stuntmen, and Hungarian professionals, such as the director of photography, the very talented Dániel Garas, one of Hungary’s best DOPs. We were truly grateful for the opportunity to produce our first international project, and that it proved to be so satisfying on a professional level.

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