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We are a production service company based in Budapest and Vienna, servicing clients globally, from film and TV productions to advertising and fashion photography.

Whether it's a TV commercial, an internet advertisement, or a social media campaign, we treat each one with the utmost care and precision. We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly. Our flexibility in genre and budget allows us to meet the needs of our clients, and we are committed to delivering high-quality results every time.

Our team has worked with Hollywood studios, US broadcast and cable networks, and leading Korean film companies on scripted television series, documentaries, and non-scripted reality shows. We understand American production processes, making us compatible with US studios. Moreover, we are fully equipped to handle any tax incentives that the project may be eligible for in Hungary or Austria.

Photo production is one of the key pillars of our genre spectrum let that be advertising, fashion, editorials or still life photography. We have been commissioned by the world's leading companies in the fashion industry, advertising agencies, photo agencies and production companies. We are proud to say that Progressive Productions is one of the leading companies in the region in photography production service.


Progressive Productions is a top-tier Hungarian production company based in Budapest with a branch in Vienna, Austria. We are a trusted partner for producers, production companies, ad agencies, and studios, providing production services for shoots in Hungary or Austria. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from still photography and worldwide advertising campaigns to film production.

Progressive Productions was founded in 2009 by two producers, Iván Gerő and Zoltán Haulis, who had collaborated for years as producers at Hungary's leading television production company. Their vision was to create a company that would stand out in Eastern Europe by upholding the values of hard work, professionalism, and accuracy while embracing continuous growth and innovation. In short, they loved their work, relished challenges, and were committed to delivering top-notch production services where no task was insurmountable.

Progressive Productions expanded its operations to Austria in 2015, leveraging its strong foundation and reputation for delivering exceptional production services. With Vienna as its base city, the company has successfully provided high-quality production services throughout Austria.


Our services in Hungary stands on three key pillars: Production Services, Location Services and Casting/Talent Services; each organized in independent units staffed by in-house professionals.


    Our Production Services Department possesses outstanding knowledge of Hungary and has developed strong ties with our suppliers over the past several years. Our suppliers have been tested and tried, and are among the best in their respective fields of expertise.

  • Location

    We are the only company in Hungary with its own Location Services Department. We believe that this investment will reap its rewards many times over. The value of this service becomes apparent in the quality of our location offers sent to our clients and in our communications related to the management of selected locations.

  • Casting/Talent

    Our unique, independent Talent and Casting Services Division has brought the Hungarian casting process up-to-date and in line with global standards.


Our services in Austria rest on the strong foundations of our experienced Budapest production team, which with its solution-oriented approach, around the clock availability and quality-driven attitude - a key attribute of Progressive Productions - is in a position to manage all projects in Austria most efficiently.


    We offer full production services in Austria. We have thorough knowledge of, and have established links to Austrian facilities and crews. Consequently, we are well positioned to offer our clients the best from the range of Hungarian and Austrian options in the most optimal combination for our projects.

  • Location

    Our locations department has put together an extensive high quality location database which is available to you as one of the many services we offer for productions in Austria. Our team is continuously searching the streets of Vienna and Salzburg, and the mountains of the Alps for locations which suit all types of criteria.

  • Casting/Talent

    The casting process best showcases our ability to utilize resources from both countries. We have the luxury of searching in two talent pools for the right fit for a role, also the casting of Hungarian buy-out models proves to be an economic method of securing talents for certain projects.

Since Progressive has access to film and photo crews in two countries, and can utilize other services in both Hungary and Austria, we are confident that we offer the best solution for productions in Central Europe. Furthermore, Progressive Productions is among the founding partners of the Production Service Network which was established in 2014, creating a global community of leading production companies with shared values and beliefs. Because of this network of partners, we can help you find other ideal production companies worldwide who offer a similar level of quality in services.


Chain Bridge, Budapest

Volksgarten, Vienna


Progressive Locations is our department specialized in finding locations for photo shoots and film productions and takes care of related administrative tasks in detail. We are holding ourselves up to the highest quality standards in location photography and the preparation of our presentations. Progressive aims to offer comprehensive and flexible location services available uniquely at our company in the Central European market, making us stand out from our competitors.


Progressive Locations’ scout team is relentlessly on the lookout for new locations, taking high quality photos of them while considering its future usability. All such location images and data are uploaded into a cloud-based storage with consistent keyword cataloging, including production notes. This allows us to respond to our clients’ location request briefs expediently, with the closest match to their requirements. We have the capability of finding sites meeting multiple criteria for a complex location for complicated scenes. Our team is well-versed in architectural trends and periods, possessing the appropriate skills to assess the locations simultaneously from a director’s, a DOP’s or a photographer’s aspect, while being fully aware of the ins-and-outs of production.


We go beyond finding the most suitable location for the given creative by taking responsibility for the feasibility of production at the recommended site. Therefore, it is our team that conducts the end-to-end location management. We have experience in closing down a downtown main road or a central railway station, and have shot scenes in the National State Opera and other sensitive high profile venues. Our services include negotiating the location fees, preparing contracts and associated paperwork, coordinating legal issues, obtaining filming permits, designing and implementing traffic plans and street closures, scheduling police and fire safety officers. We work with experienced and highly skilled location managers.

We can consider our location database, which contains almost one hundred thousand photos, one of the great fortes of our company. We believe that one of the criteria for quality service (be it a film, a commercial, or a photo shoot) is to provide presentations to our clients, which represent the highest quality photos and give solutions to even the most complicated location demands.


We have our own talent pool which is constantly expanding and is developed by our own independent division: Progressive Talents. We offer an extensive roster of experienced and regularly employed Principal, Supporting Artists and Background Actors. We are also seasoned in servicing commercials, print advertising, movies and television projects. We are committed to provide the best available casting services for productions supported by us in Hungary or Austria. We aim to reach this goal with the quality and diversity of our talent pool and with our attractive buy-out model, which is fully aligned with the international standards. To complement this, we pay close attention to English-speaking actors and are open to commissioning them for projects abroad.

Professionals, Real People, Kids

We take care of our talents: we prepare high quality portfolios for them, offer training, track their career progression and act as their representatives during the course of their assignments. We believe that our coaching approach bears plenty of its fruits in our productions.