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The German photo production company, AprilMay, reached out to us to help shoot the 2013 Autumn/Winter campaign for the Brazilian clothing brand Damyller.

Our extensive location database led us to immediately find the abandoned castle location Damyller imagined for their Autumn/Winter campaign

They were searching for an abandoned castle as the location for the shoot. Back then, we already had an extensive location database and experience in finding the right locations, so we immediately realized what would suit their expectation. We suggested Tura Castle, which is a very special, fairy-tale like, abandoned castle.

The Tura Castle is definitely an attractive shooting location, isn’t it? The client, the agency and the photographer immediately fell in love with the place

This castle was the perfect fit, because the German team wanted mysterious, gothic and creepy castle with small towers. It looks like a haunted castle, especially at dawn when the fog comes in.

We arrived at dawn. It is like a haunted castle when the fog comes in

They immediately agreed when they saw the castle, and we shot these campaign photos there for two days. Tura castle is strongly connected with the fashion industry, many fashion shoots have taken place here.

Progressive Productions has done several other productions in this spectacular location, which can also be seen and read about in the top location section of our location collection.

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