"Thanks again for your support! And I will keep you in mind for sure - we were very happy with all the work!! "
Annika Brust, Mizuno Marketing Manager

It is an amazing coincidence that only one week after our photo shoot for Superdry, we were yet again shooting in the Kelenföldi Power Plant, on this occasion for the professional Japanese sport brand called Mizuno. Previously we had never had two productions in the same location within such a short time, but the fantastically unique and eerie Kelenföldi Power Plant is such a highly loved fashion shoot location. The diversity of its areas - ranging from the Art Deco control room to the crumbling corridors - enables all photographers to find a part which moves their imagination.

The diverse Kelenföld Power Plant was the perfect location for the shoot

The photography crew fell in love with the rusty, industrial, and yet futuristic atmosphere straightaway. The spooky passways with old control cabinets that are nicknamed “mummy-corridors” were their favourite special location. Their concept was to place the brand and handball as well, into a new and unusual environment, which is why they broke away from typical sport locations and chose to shoot somewhere unusual.

Since Mizuno is the Hungarian Veszprém handball team’s official sponsor, they asked three of the team’s key members to model for their latest photoshoot for a new collection of handball shoes and accessories. The Olympics gold medalist William Accambray, the two times winner of the Champions League László Nagy, as well as the World Championship silver medalist Kent Robin Tønnesen specially travelled from Veszprém to Budapest for the photoshoot, where next to the photos they also made various film footages and interviews. Speed and fluidity where the main aspects of the process of the photo shoot, because the sportsmen were only available for three hours.

It was an extraordinary experience for us to see in person how these world-class handball players were passing the ball to each other in this abandoned, silent and sometimes spooky building.

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