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In parallel with the library photo shoot, we also helped make a corporate film for Fedex. We shot at the same locations with the same talent, as the Fedex brand photo shoot. One of the hardest things in production is when the roles of a photographer and a DOP have to be synchronized, but Progressive Productions knew from experience which details needed special attention in order to have everything working flawlessly. Both the photo and the film shoot required special props for example a gorgeous, vintage, European car that our clients fell in love with.

Progressive’s database of vintage cars and relationship with vendors proved to be one of the details needed for a flawless production

Progressive Productions provides quality service when it comes to vintage cars, as we have a database of them, and special vendors with whom we maintain very good relationships. We even closed down the iconic and very busy Chain Bridge, something we didn’t have a budget for, so we had to be creative.

We blocked traffic for a FedEx truck on the Chain Bridge by faking a breakdown

We blocked traffic by driving after the Fedex truck and faking a breakdown so that the truck could go on the bridge completely alone. It perfectly demonstrates how everything is doable with a little creativity and resourcefulness. For us, the film’s most uplifting part is to see how a multinational company like Fedex connects Budapest into an international flow and culture by mixing footage of great cities that all show their most beautiful gems. These quite different cities mix and match perfectly and become a whole in this film, by Fedex connecting them.


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