Streets of Vienna

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Vienna, the capital of Austria continues to preserve the atmosphere of a turn of the century, imperial city. Complete with cozy streets, beautiful squares and alleys with rich architecture, all in the heart of Europe. The concept that lies behind the arrangement and planning of the streets of Vienna, is remarkable and unique. The basic grid of its immense road network is determined by the Ringstrasse, the belt and the arterial roads that are approximately star-shaped and stretch away from the center. The Ringstrasse surrounds the city with its tight alleyways and one can only drive on it in one direction. Vienna is an unusually densely built town, and the closer to the center the closer the blocks are lined up to each other. Thus, the alleys, passages, streets and squares which lie between the countless buildings, accumulate. Take a tour with Progressive Locations and check out the most scenic squares and streets of Vienna to see which locations would be most ideal for your production.