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Vienna at night has many sides to it, because it is home to a large variety of architecture, ranging from historical to contemporary, from small homes to grandiose institutions and palaces. Since this city was the center of the Austrian Empire for centuries, there are iconic, monumental buildings, mainly along the Ringstrasse, which are stunning examples of 18th and 19th century architecture. They have an especially grandiose effect when lit beautifully after sunset, highlighting their most significant architectural elements. Still within the center of Austria’s capital there are small squares and alleyways, which have remained untouched for centuries. Here history is present on a lot more personal scale due to the Baroque apartment houses and cobblestone streets. These locations have the possibility to become either a charming spot or an eerie corner. Next to this, contemporary architecture is also thriving in Vienna. Let it be modern transport stations, cafés or large office buildings along busy roads, this city has all needed to depict a real metropolis. Vienna has to offer both the sight of a busy capital flooded with lights and one of a dark town from the past.

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