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The Danube River runs right through the heart of the Hungarian capital, ensuring countless unique locations and beautiful urban panoramas throughout the city. These riverside places are not only highly varied due to the stunning backdrops provided by Budapest’s diverse historic and modern architecture, but also since centuries of urban life along the river has developed a wide range of sites. From banks with stunning historic urban panoramas, to riverside roads with busy traffic next to rocky shores, either picturesque or rough, monumental or charming locations can all be found here. Budapest’s docks and piers alongside the Danube provide spots for boats and ships of all sizes and functions to moor to pillars. Thanks to developments, many of these places have undergone renovations during the last few years, ensuring good conditions and facilities for shoots. This location gallery has a special focus on places alongside the Danube that can cater for the specific spatial requirements of a film production. The film industry in Budapest has a long history of shooting alongside the river and Progressive is also experienced in gaining permits and producing shoots in such public spaces.