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Budapest and Hungary, in general, have much to offer for car shoots. The Hungarian capital is home to a wide range of architectural styles, from monumental imperial palaces to slick geometric, contemporary buildings. Whichever period fits the shoot’s aesthetics, there is also the general state to be decided on, since for example there are well-kept, centuries-old iconic heritage sites and badly aging Soviet locations, either of which could become an atmospheric urban backdrop for a shoot. Therefore Budapest has many types of roads to offer, some cobble-street alleyways near the Buda Castle’s stunning panorama, some wide roads in front of glass office buildings. There is also a wide range of bridges on the Danube, some simplistic and modern, while others are representative and ornate, typical of the 19th century. Next to this, Hungary’s offer of car shoot locations are complete with the Hungarian countryside with its charming European hills and Central Europe’s largest lake as an ideal backdrop. But apart from the beautiful natural locations connected by small rural roads and enormous motorway bridges, there are also many industrial locations that are available, such as factories and open-pit mines, that create uniquely raw man-made landscapes.