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Our team’s location scouts have ventured into the depths of schools because they are hidden gems among Budapest’s film locations. Many historic school buildings were kept untouched throughout the decades or even centuries so they are still authentic, atmospheric and full of life. Classrooms, corridors, auditoriums, science labs, libraries, gyms, swimming pools and stages are key locations for productions focusing on the education of the past or present, but they can also be used as other institutions, such as cultural centres, ministries or even churches. Some buildings are centuries old, built-in Classicist, Neo-Gothic and Socialist styles. Battered by history and thousands of students, these aged schools can be fitting settings for historical projects set during the bleak Soviet Era or even before the world wars, during the grandiose Golden Age. There are also contemporary or newly renovated buildings that can easily double as schools all around the world. Although Budapest’s locations are becoming increasingly popular and often used, Hungarian school buildings are hardly known and rarely used so they can provide unique locations for your production!