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This sport fashion shoot location collection presents the less typical, modern urban side of the Hungarian capital. These are the locations of the day-to-day scenes of the lives of Budapest’s population, such as housing estates, parks, schools and factories. Typically these are the places where people exercise and young people hang out, which is why these are more naturally fitting locations for sport and fitness productions. Since these places are more modernly designed, they have more simple, highly geometric forms and shapes, creating strong and clear visual structures, that assist composing striking images. Raw materials are typical of these locations, such as concrete, steel and tarr, offering a wide range of textures enriching the shoot. These are spaces that are designed for movement, let that be a baseball court, riverside pavements, bridges, stadiums or parking lots. The clear forms enable dynamic compositions, that can highlight the energy and speed of the features sport or fitness model. A unique aspect is that in Budapest these modern, energetic and simple locations can be combined with beautiful iconic views if wished, simply by a changing one’s point of view.