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The city of Pécs is one of the most important Hungarian cities besides Budapest and is also one of the most vibrant ones. Thanks to its colorful history, which dates back to the ancient Roman times, the city became a cultural melting pot over the centuries. Today it is characterized by an exciting mixture of Roman, Turkish, historical as well as modern architectural styles and a bustling cultural life. Besides its cozy downtown streets and squares, there is much more that make Pécs a famous place and an exciting destination for film and photo shoots. Probably the most important of these are the Zsolnay buildings and decorations; the world famous porcelain manufacturer’s unique examples of Art Nouveau architecture that the city features. For when Pécs was the European Capital of Culture in 2010, the entire area of the old porcelain factory was revitalized as an event center and many new buildings also got built such as a state-of-the-art concert hall,, which are all inviting shooting locations. Laying in the southern regions of Hungary, among gently rolling hills and beautiful vineyards, Pécs features an almost Mediterranean climate that gives a unique atmosphere to the city.

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