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Budapest’s modern metro stations are stunning examples of futuristic contemporary architecture. Both their sheer scale, dynamic design and innovative use of materials make these locations instant eye-catchers. Although the Metroline 4 has a characteristic aesthetic, each of its stations has its own unique feature ranging from large mosaic spirals or deliberately rusty walls to having enormous concrete beams crisscrossing above the escalators like an abstract sculpture. Furthermore, the aesthetics of these stations range from bright and colourful to being raw, futuristic and industrial. However, in every case, these stations are monumental, consist of clear-cut geometric forms and are masterfully lit with a combination of natural and artificial light. The vast spaces of the Metro line 4’s stations, entrances and escalator areas provide ideal conditions for filming in many genres, such as action films or sci-fi movies. However, if one is looking for more everyday subway locations, then Budapest’s renovated Metro line 2 and 3 give home to locations that are more typical backdrops of European urban life.