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London makes no exception for Budapest, a capital famous for its ability to double as pretty much any European capital city. The rich diversity of Hungarian architecture enables Budapest to provide locations that match the many faces of the United Kingdom’s capital, a city built further in countless different historic periods. For example, you can find lookalikes of Gothic and Neo-Gothic buildings, monumental Classicist buildings, beautiful Victorian schools and grimy factories or even Brutalist modern office buildings. You can also find in Budapest pretty historic streets with lamp posts, redbrick houses, green parks or even run-down historic industrial areas. Of course, there are restraints to the scale of what the Hungarian capital can offer to double as London, but generally, with smart framing of a given location, an authentic sight can be created. An extra touch of character can also be easily given with an innovative art department providing such as a red telephone box or a Union Jack. So due to the wide range of architectural styles and varying conditions of buildings, the Hungarian capital can offer a wide range of locations, as well as filmmaker friendly conditions and costs that attract productions from all corners of the world.